Dracula vs. Robin Hood

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll and Hyde
Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll and Hyde
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A PAIR of iconic characters, inextricably linked to the Whitby area, are set to go head to head in the ultimate comic book battle.

Dracula and Robin Hood are set to be joined by Jekyll and Hyde in the latest digital comic book series by publisher Mohawk Media.

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll and Hyde is written by Chris Bunting, who said: “I’ve already written a few famous faces, but this is something extra special – bringing a number of world-famous characters together for the ultimate showdown.

“My other goal was to redress the mistreatment these characters have so often received.

“Robin Hood isn’t portrayed here as the gallant hero he obviously never was, and Dracula is closer to the original than perhaps ever before.”

Stuart Buckley, editor of Mohawk Media, added: “While Whitby itself doesn’t feature in the first three issues, and I don’t want to give away too much about what we’ve planned beyond that, it may well play a significant role in the future of this story. It feels right for a British writer to bring these British-born legends together through a British publisher.

“The characters’ quintessential ‘Britishness’ won’t be lost in translation as it so often has been in the past. Like many readers, we miss the days when a clash between the likes of Thing and Hulk generated far more interest than publicity stunts which seem to get in the way of solid storytelling, like ‘killing off’ the hero.

“We hope to bring that kind of excitement back.”

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll and Hyde will initially be a three issue series available monthly exclusively via the publisher’s ground breaking line of ECO COMICS, with some further instalments of the series to be announced.