Descendant of Dickens to follows his Whitby footsteps

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When Charles Dickens visited Whitby in 1836 he likened the arduous journey to walking a tightrope.

Despite that he did return and was friends with the Marquis of Normanby and relayed a tale of dancing on the lawn at Mulgrave Castle.

It is said that the novel ‘Dombey and Son’ was dedicated to the Marchioness of Normanby following one visit.

In 1844 the Marquis and Dickens lunched at the White Horse and Griffin and it is believed he also stayed there.

This and other snippets will be recalled by the author’s great, great grandson Gerald when he himself travels to Whitby for the first time later this month.

He is presenting his show “Here Comes Mr Dickens”.

Inspired by his great, great grandfather’s public readings of the 1860s he has written and directed a series of one man shows.

It is based on his ancestor’s love of the theatre and he also presents extracts from his books but with a light-hearted 21st century twist.

He will then give a re-enactment of one of Dickens’ most popular readings, ‘Dr Marigold’.

The event, hosted by Whitby Antique and Fine Arts Society is at Sleights Village Hall on July 15 from 7pm. Tickets are £8 on the door or from 821860.

He write to fellow author, Wilkie Collins: “In my time that curious railroad by the Whitby moor was so much the more curious, that you were balanced against a counter-weight of water and that you did it by Blondin” (the famous tightrope walker).