Chinese interest in book puts Whitby on international map

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WHITBY could soon become the destination of choice for Chinese tourists, according to a local author.

“Shadow Mancer” by GP Taylor, the former vicar of Whitby, has just been published in Chinese - also the book’s 51st language.

The novel which explores superstition, magic, witchcraft, history, folklore and smuggling is set in Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay and Boggle Hole.

Author, G P Taylor says China is one of the biggest markets in the world for books and readers often visit the places in which books are set.

“Shadow Mancer” has also been published in Polish, German, Spanish, Armenian and Arabic among other languages and the Chinese version is read from back to front.

G P Taylor said: “It looks really weird because the book is the wrong way round and read from back to front and is in mandarin lettering.

“The cover is completely different. It looks good but strange because it is completely out there,

“The Chinese are avid visitors of the places in books and this book is set very locally - in Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay and Boggle Hole.

“I am envisaging hoards of Chinese tourists in about a year’s time descending on Whitby.

“China is this new emerging market and when they come and visit England we could have this situation where Whitby will be put on their tourist trail. It would be great wouldn’t it? I had a phone call from the MP Robert Goodwill and he was talking about the tourism potential from this.”

G P Taylor is amazed at the success the novel is enjoying.

He has had ten books published and had to have “Shadow Mancer” self-published in 2003 and the first stockist was the Whitby bookshop.

He added: “I wrote it for pleasure and didn’t even think I would get it published. I had to self publish and it took off from there.

“I expected to sell about 200 copies but it has sold 5.5 million.”