Catherine Harland Webster School of Dance

Examination results taken November 2010

All pupils entered were successful in passing. The board of examiners came from the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teacher of Dancing.

Key: Pass (P) 65-70%; Pass Plus (PP) 71-75%; Commended (C) 76-85%; Highly Commended (HC) 86-92%; Honours (H) 93-95%; Distinction (D) 96% plus.

Examination taken in six disciplines, ballet, tap, musical theatre, acrobatical gymnastic dance, freestyle (disco), cheerleading.

Ballet grades

Preliminary 2 ballet: Anna Broadley Featherstone, Amelia Clark, Niamh Elliott, Lucy Richardson, Lauren Thompson, Hannah Walsh (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Ballet medal, Starter Star: Amie Broadley Featherstone, Felix Charlton-Thivillion, Katie Robson (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Tap grades

Preliminary 1 Tap: Katie Robson, Felix Charlton-Thivillion, Amie Broadley Featherstone (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Prelimarny 2 Tap: Hannah Walsh, Lauren Thompson, Lucy Richardson, Niamh Elliott, Amelia Clark, Anna Broadley Featherstone (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Preliminary 3 Tap: Eva Adamski, Ruby Elliott, Rosie Hogarth, Lorna Quantrill, Lamorna Robert, Caitlin Smith, Thomas Story (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Musical Theatre

Pre Bronze Badge: Thomas Story, Caitlin Smith, Lamorna Roberts, Lorna Quantrill, Rosie Hogarth, Ruby Elliott, Eva Adamski (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Bronze: Isabelle Hogarth, Charlie Broadley Featherstone, Jessica Jones (HC), Megan Story, Mia Ferns (C).

Gold: Rosie Barber, Ellie Tindall, Frances Quantrill, Evie Tindall (all HC).

Upper Gold Award: Emma Raw, Ella Smith, Tilly adamski (HC), Megan Lees, Alex Lloyd (C).

Globe Cup Award: Debbie Raw (H), Lydia Stephen (HC), Bethan Lloyd, Shannon Tindall, Milly Huddington, Rowan Wilson (C).

Second Gold Star: Charlotte Smith, Holly Smith (both HC).

ACRO Gymnastic

Introductory 1: Felix Charlton-Thivillion, Amie Broadley Featherstone, Katie Robson (all pupils gained Highly Achieved).

Upper Bronze Award: Ruby Elliott (H), Eva Adamski, Rosie Hogarth, Caitlin Smith (HC), Thomas Story, Lamorna Robert, Lorna Quantrill (C).

First Gold Bar: Evie Tindall (H), Ellie Tindall, Frances Quantrill (HC), Rosie Barber (C).

Second Gold Bar: Shannon Tindall, Lydia Stephen, Rowan Wilson (HC).

Second Gold Star: Debbie Raw (H), Charlotte Smith, Milly Luddington, Holly Smith, Bethan Lloyd (HC).


Gold: Charlie Broadley Featherstone (HC), Isabelle Hogarth, Jessica Jones, Mia Ferns, Megan Story (C).

First Gold Bar: Evie Tindall, Ellie Tindall (HC), Rosie Barber, Frances Quantrill (C).

Second Gold Bar: Lydia Stephen, Rowan Wilson, Shannon Tindall (C).

Third Gold Bar: Emma Raw (H), Tilly Adamski, Ella Smith (HC), Megan Lees, Alex Lloyd (C).

Second Gold Star: Charlotte Smith, Debbie Raw, Holly Smith (HC), Bethan Lloyd (C).


Introductory Four: Niamh Elliott, Lucy Richardson, Amelia Clark, Anna Broadley Featherstone, Lauren Thompson (all pupils gained Highly Achieved.

Bronze: Jessica Jones, Mia Ferns, Isabelle Hogarth (HC), Charlie Broadley Featherstone, Megan Story (C).

Silver: Emma Raw (H), Tilly Adamski, Ella Smith (HC), Alex Lloyd, Megan Lees (C).