Bram Stoker Film Festival returns

Rosie Lugosi stars at rthe film festival
Rosie Lugosi stars at rthe film festival

HORROR beyond imagination lies in wait for Whitby at the end of this month as the Bram Stoker International Film Festival returns.

Bigger, badder and more gory than ever, the festival has become the largest genre film spectacle in the UK and organiser Mike McCarthy says preparations for the bloodbath are going well.

A poster for the Festival of Blood

A poster for the Festival of Blood

While test shooting for an upcoming movie in Staithes, due for release in 2012, he said: “It’s just getting bigger and bigger every year.

“We have people coming from all over the UK, Japan, Australia, Chile, Switzerland and France and 190 people coming from the States.

“There are directors of a film festival in New Mexico who said they have heard so much about the festival that they’re going to come themselves, and I just found they’re very good friends with Stephen Spielberg.”

In addition to the films, many of which will be having their UK premieres, are other spectacular shows that are sure to appal and enthral.

Mr McCarthy added: “The film festival is showing 45 movies this year, making it the biggest genre festival in the UK, and there’s everything else that goes with it.

“The Vampire’s Ball is a new twist in direction and then on Sunday there’s the Festival of Blood.

“On the stroke of midnight there’s a Victorian spiritualist with table-rising.

“Then on the Monday night we’ve got an international event called A Vampire’s Tale, a show that’s never been to Europe before.

“It’s world-class entertainment for Whitby.”

The festival takes place over Halloween and so there is a natural collision with Dark Daisy’s Alt Fest which runs the same weekend.

Whitby Goth Weekend also takes place the following weekend and Mr McCarthy said: “I think there’s an obvious cross-over, and it’s great for the Gothic community.

“We’ve been asked if we would take the festival to the Far East and Australia, there’s so much interest in the festival.

“But this is its home and it will always be in Whitby.”

The Bram Stoker International Film Festival takes place Friday 28 to Monday 31 October at Whitby Pavilion.

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