Be inspired as artists open studio doors

Artist Alan Davis at his studio'w142202a'Picture by Scott Wicking
Artist Alan Davis at his studio'w142202a'Picture by Scott Wicking

Over the coming weekends 126 artists from around the county will be opening their studio doors to the public.

In the Whitby region, five different artists have chosen to take part in North Yorkshire Open Studios.

Artists Stef and Ian Mitchell'w142301d'Picture by Scott Wicking

Artists Stef and Ian Mitchell'w142301d'Picture by Scott Wicking

Located in Staithes, Glaisdale, East Barnby and Newholm, visitors are being invited to travel around the region to see how some of the region’s most iconic and up-and-coming artists create their work.

Alan Davis, of High Farm, East Barnby, has a growing reputation throughout the country as one of the experts in ecclesiastical stained glass windows.

“It’s actually not old fashioned,” he explained. “Stained glass has changed over the years to be a statement of modern art. It’s the same techniques as have always been used, but the imagery changes to reflect the period.”

Alan has created windows for churches around the region, but is waiting to see whether he has been awarded the biggest contract of his career - creating a piece for St Paul’s Cathedral.

Artist Emma Evett'w142306b'Picture by Kathryn Bulmer

Artist Emma Evett'w142306b'Picture by Kathryn Bulmer

Examples of his work will be on display at the studio, and Alan added: “Everyone that comes here is fascinated. Everyone has seen stained glass, but they are not quite sure how it’s done. Open Studios is a great opportunity for people to find out more.”

Emma Evett, of Manor Farm Cottage, Newholm, took part in the event last year and said it was a great opportunity to explain how her work comes together.

She works in glass to create colourful pieces and explained: “I think people really enjoyed the opportunity to go out and look round, to see how something is made. People see pieces hung on the wall, but they generally have no idea how it got there.”

Glaisdale artist Lynne Glazzard will be showcasing her jewellery and enamel collection at her Holly Barn studio.

Artist Lynne Glazzard'w142103d'Picture by Kathryn Bulmer

Artist Lynne Glazzard'w142103d'Picture by Kathryn Bulmer

She has five kilns which she uses to heat the enamel and glass up to high temperatures. Surprisingly, these can be just 10cm squared, and with some pieces requiring up to 15 firings, it is delicate work.

But Lynne said she enjoys working with these materials, adding: “It’s just magic. You do get to know mostly what’s going to happen because you get used to how the colours behave. But every now and then something will trip you up or surprise you and it’s just lovely to be able to manipulate that colour.”

Husband and wife couple Ian and Stef Mitchell are set to be the sole representatives of the vibrant art community in Staithes as they open the doors to their High Barras cottage.

The two are both artists, creating images that at first seem to be the polar opposites of each other.

Graphic designer Ian produces simplified landscape designs, drawing inspiration from old railway posters.

Ian explained: “It’s all about creating a calming, peaceful image that resonates with people.”

At the other end of the scale, the prints created by Stef use foliage and highlight the most intricate details, such as the veins within a leaf.

“It’s about capturing a moment,” said Stef. “While Ian’s work is about the view, mine is about the travelling through the landscape.”

All the studios are open across this weekend and June 14-15 from 10.30am to 5.30pm and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time.

Full artist details and pictures are included in the free event guide, available online at or by Tweeting @NY_open_studios.