Whitby Ladies and Danby Ladies held to draws

Whitby Hockey Club Ladies were pegged back to a late 3-3 draw when they travelled to Darlington.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 9:42 am
Danby Ladies team Photos by Brian Murfield

Whitby started their game well, using some great set pieces they have been working on during training.

Darlington were a strong side and applied pressure on Whitby’s defence, sending hard, fast balls into the defensive D.

Olivia Coates had an exceptional game. Stepping into the centre back position, she confidently cleared the balls wide to Whitby’s wingers.

Danby Ladies in action

The second half continued to be fast passed and both teams were hungry for a goal. Anna Willison had a fantastic game and continued to chase down Darlington players.

Whitby started the goal scoring nicely with a deflected ball by Lisette Vincent-Jones.

Unfortunately, Darlington soon found a counter-attack and equalised the game.

Player of the match Dani Halley then went on to make a superb solo run down the pitch and scored a sensational goal, this made Whitby step up their game as victory was in sight at 2-1 ahead.

Battling for possession

It didn’t take long before Darlington found the back of Whitby’s net, equalising the game yet again.

With only a short amount of time left, coach Marcus Coates had a change around in Whitby’s formation and the ladies pressed hard on Darlington defence. A short corner was awarded to Whitby and Millie Storr managed to get a great touch on a ball from Halley and scored a third.

The two-minute signal was called and Whitby knew they had to hold on to the lead.

Their lead was unfortunately short-lived when Darlington were awarded a penalty corner as they managed to equalise the game with only seconds remaining.

The squad will play at home on Saturday against Stokesley at 11am.

Danby Ladies drew 0-0 at home to Norton 1s at home for another action-packed game of hockey.

The whole game saw the ball move up and down the pitch as Danby fought hard against Norton, who are currently top of their league.

Both sides had their chances on goal but keeper Catherine Adamson made sure Danby didn’t concede a goal, no matter how many short corners were given.Danby were strong in defence with Christine Tarrant consistently stopping any breakthroughs.

There were also some strong advances with Erin Hodgson attacking down the right wing and Sarah Thompson and Bronwyn Hodgson down the left. Play was also strong down the centre with Nikki Graham playing on the defensive side and Emily Dowson focusing on attacking.

Despite the 0-0 full-time score there was lots of shots on goal for both teams and some excellent hockey was played.

Player of the match was awarded to keeper Adamson for so many brilliant saves.

Danby’s next match is at Darlington 2s this weekend.