Young Maroons’ out-muscled in county cup clash

Whitby under 16s struggle on in the fog at York
Whitby under 16s struggle on in the fog at York

Whitby Rugby Club under 16s were defeated by a well-drilled York team in the second round of the Yorkshire Cup.

From kick-off Whitby were wrestled off the ball by York’s superior strength.

Shattering tackles from Wilson, T Wood and Astin did nothing but delay York’s relentless crusade.

Scrums were hard-fought throughout as Whitby managed to hold their own after an initial struggle against York’s hefty pack.

Unfortunately, Whitby’s possession was only fleeting at best meaning they could not capitalise to score.

York’s constant pressure and determination proved to be unstoppable as the score board rose to 41-0, marking the end of the cup game.

However, Maroons showed phenomenal grit and pride by requesting to play on until full-time was reached.

Although no points were scored, Whitby U16s ground on until the whistle, leaving the field battered and bruised but with their sportsmanship and pride intact.

This was a brutal game where a strong team connection was never really found.

York U16s 41 Whitby U16s 0