Wind plays havoc with captain’s three-foot putt

A very popular golfing cliche is ‘the wind doesn’t affect a well-hit ball’.

Well, whoever says that hasn’t played at Whitby in weather like we had last week! It was so strong at times that in one competition (just before play was abandoned) the poor men’s captain had a three-foot putt which was taken by the wind and ran so fast down the slope of the green that it nearly ran out of bounds.

As you might expect, scores in the competitions which were able to go ahead were not as good as usual.

Denis Roper won the Midweek Stableford on 17 April with 34 points, beating Tam McConville and Chris Batchelor on 33. Mick Allen, Nigel Aspden, Matty Brown and Les Underwood had 32, with Paul Warrilow, Michael McElhinney and Paul Mendelsohn on 31.

On a much nicer day, Brian Hurst won the Stableford on Saturday with 40 points from Richard Barker on 39. Tom Gale and Mike Coates had 37, Ivan Ross and Andrew Thompson 36 and Mick Allen 35. Tom Havelock, Haydn Harker, Paul Ventress, Mike Rothwell, Richard Young, Dave Upton, Steve Ellis andDave Batchelor all had 34.

The qualifying round for the Milburn Foursomes was won by Tam McConville and Steve Ingleston with 68.

Adrian Brown and Mike Clarkson had 69 1/2, Steve Purvis and Billy Hardy 70 1/2 and Simon Walker and Simon Gibson 72. Richard Barker and Garry Walker scored 74 1/2, Dave Clarkson and Dave Kirk 76 1/2 and Andrew Thompsonand Andrew Dent 77.

Players often have difficulty in arranging the knockout games between four people; it is strongly recommended you make contact with your opposition as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the other person to do it.

Tomorrow, there is a Yellowball Medal. Ideally this is in teams of four, but teams of three can play as well. The replay of the Beckett Cup qualifying round is on Sunday (28th) and the Midweek Medal is on Wednesday.

All gentlemen should note there is a match against York Golf Club, this year played at Strensall on Sunday 18 August and at Whitby on Saturday 31 August. York’s 2013 captain Paul Yates has also been a country member of Whitby for 30 years, and instigated this match to celebrate that.

Initially it is intended the match will be 16 a side, but if there is more demand the numbers can be increased. If you would like to play please put your name down on the list in the men’s locker as soon as possible.

The ladies played the qualifying round for the Yorkshire Foursomes on Tuesday 16 in high wind. Kath Cooling and

Karen Fellows had 84, Maureen Eglon and Barbara Slaeightholme 89 and Sue Bennison and Barbara Mahan 93.

Dave Batchelor won this week’s draw for £100 in the 200 Club.

Tony’s Tip: N is for Normal. When a player is trying to work out which club to use for the distance to the green,

most will think ‘I normally hit my 6 iron that far’. I would suggest that what the majority consider ‘normal’ is actually their very best shot!

If you are honest with yourself, there aren’t many times in around when you achieve one of those. The next time you play, try taking one extra club on every shot to the green and see how you get on.

I think you will find that a normal shot will reach the flag and your best strike should go right to the back of the green - after all, your best isn’t normal, is it?