Wild ride for Waring at Bush Road Races

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The TT circuit, Oliver’s Mount and some of the biggest Irish road races in the calendar had nothing on the back roads of a settlement in the middle of Northern Ireland.

Whitby road racer, Justin Waring competed at the Bush Road races in Dungannon for the first time last weekend and said it was the hardest track he had ever ridden at.

The three mile lap takes in farmyards and single houses with a series of jumps, twists and turns and only one straight.

Waring has competed at the TT, the Southern 100 and Cookstown as well as numerous appearances at Oliver’s Mount but after doing some laps of the track by car prior to qualifying he said: “It was the most technical and dangerous road circuit I had ever seen.

“You could get yourself into a lot of difficulty.”

However, by the time he got to the end of his five qualifying laps on the Friday session he had increased his lap times by 20 seconds - recording a best time of 2m:38 seconds and an average speed of 74.9mph.

He qualified fifth for Saturday’s race and claimed if he finished in the top ten he would be happy.

But, if it was good enough for William Dunlop then it was good enough for Waring on his Moto3 Honda 250 - the only one of its kind on the grid.

He kept his fifth spot by the time he crossed the line but had upped his average lap speed to 78.4mph and increased his lap times by seven seconds to 2m:31 seconds.

He said: “I didn’t have a time in mind but I know William has done it in 2m:29.

“It was hard as a newcomer.

“I could not keep up with the front lads.

“I got past one on the straight but he got back past me.

“The back bits and the jumps are scary. You come off the straight, into the turn and think ‘here we go again’.

“I had both feet off the footpegs at one point, the bike was off the floor and landing crossed.

“I did enjoy it though, it was the hardest I have ridden.”