Wightman elected Whitby Golf Club men’s captain

Sadly, the weather killed hopes of the Scarborough and District Alliance playing over Whitby’s course on Sunday, with parts of the course being too wet to accommodate such a large field.

The event has been postponed until this Sunday with the same starting times.

Earlier in the week, Bill Estill won the Midweek Stableford in an extremely tight finish, the leading three players all scoring 41 points over 16 holes. Bob Scott was second and Brian Grange third.

The early players had the best of the day on Saturday, a vicious squall making the course virtually unplayable in the early afternoon.

Paul Warrilow and Mike Rothwell tied on 38 points, with Paul taking first place over the back nine. Mr Consistency, Jim Hall, took third place as the best on 37 points.

There will be the usual Stableford on Saturday. There will be no Fourball on Sunday as the Alliance takes that day for the postponed fixture.

The ladies have the Monthly Medal on Tuesday and there is a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday.

John Wightman was elected Men’s Captain at the AGM on Wednesday, with Byron Blessed as his vice captain.

In a lively meeting, the board of directors reported a significant improvement in the club’s accounts after a year of considerable hard work. Malcolm Eglon was honoured with life membership after completing 50 years of playing membership.

The meeting confirmed Chris Halley’s honorary membership following his outstanding victory in the Yorkshire Amateur Championship.

Tony’s Tip: while you must not be careless when assessing the putt in front of you, nor should you analyse it to the degree that you are almost paralysed by indecision.

The worst scenario is to stand over the ball and make the putt while still trying to decide where to aim and how hard to hit it.

Be consistent – look at the putt and decide quickly how much the slope will affect the ball; then look at the distance; have one practice swing, or two at the most, with those decisions in your mind, then step up to the ball and play the putt without allowing any alternatives into your mind. It might turn out that you have assessed the putt incorrectly, but you will have made a positive putt, and that is always best.