Whitehall edge closer to shooting title

In complete contrast to B League there were some excellent individual scores in the top division which disappointingly did not result in high team totals.

Jackie Hay had another maximum for Esk Valley, who had an easy victory against Wrong Trousers by a massive 18 points.

Nigel Scarth just missed out on a hundred with 99 and Colin Williamson signalled a welcome return to form with 98.

Esk Valley, 10 points behind Whitehall in the season’s aggregate scores, were set for a huge total which would have reduced the deficit, but were let down when the fifth member of their team failed to shoot.

With only two matches to shoot, Esk Valley may have handed the A League title to Whitehall, who rarely hand such advantages to their opposition.

For Whitehall, Steve Baker matched Jackie Hay’s 100 with an equally good card supported with a 97 from Duncan Lawrence, brushing aside the challenge from Castle Park to win their 15th match of the season by 18 points.

In the remaining match in A League, for Country Lads pupil beat tutor.

Sam Atkinson with 98, his best score of the season, beat father Derek by two points and mother Maxine by one point to record a convincing win over Average by more than four points.

In B League, the top-of-the-table clash between Patch and Watkinson’s resulted in a comfortable win for Watkinson’s who take over top spot from Patch with only two matches to go.

For Patch, only Jean Welham with 94 showed any form at all in what could only be described as a below average performance from the league leaders.

Watkinson’s, meanwhile, shot above average with Joe Hugill and John Headley both returning 95.

In another low-scoring match, Farmers beat foot of the table Universal by seven points.

Average, somewhat surprisingly, beat Firemen in yet another low-scoring affair, with only Paul Cattermole shooting returning anything like a reasonable score.

Results, A League

Whitehall 387 SP Baker 100 D Lawrence 97 M Ware 96 T Coates 94 beat Castle Park 371 C Moore 95 M Dossor 94 C Dossor 92 R Oliver 90; Esk Valley 397 J Hay 100 N Scarth 99 C Williamson 98 RL Dawson 90 beat Wrong Trousers 369 B Stokoe 95 P Hurworth 94 J Stokoe 91 P Lindley 89; Country Lads 383 S Atkinson 98 M Atkinson 97 D Atkinson 96 R Lamerton 92 beat Average 378.5.

B League: Watkinson’s 373 J Hugill 95 J Headley 95 N Sawdon 92 J Kenworthy 91 beat Patch 363 J Welham 94 P Rutland 92 I Harrison 89 C Orr 88; Farmers 358 D Hill 92 Y Williamson 90 RM Franks 88 R Brown 88 beat Universal 351 M Troughton 95 G Flower 90 K Hodgson 87 R Glover 79; Average 361 beat Firemen 360 P Cattermole 94 B Gibbons 91 I Clarkson 90 H Russell 85.