Whitehall catch Esk Valley in top form

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WHITEHALL may consider themselves unlucky to come up against an unbeaten Esk Valley team in top form in the Whitby and District Rifle League.

Consistently high scorers Steve Baker and Tim Coates got Whitehall off to a good start in week 11, with 99s, only to be matched with a 99 from Esk Valley’s Jackie Hay and 98 from Nigel Scarth.

The eight point difference deciding the match came from good back-up scores from the other members of the Esk Valley team which contributed to a match average of 97.5 which Whitehall could not live with.

Closest match of the week was Castle Park’s encounter with Country Lads which finished in a draw.

Derek Atkinson shot the fourth 99 of the round for Country Lads who will be disappointed with the draw regarding it as a point lost rather than a point gained.

Castle Park on the other hand, may look on it as a missed opportunity to record a much-needed win.

The surprise defeat of the week was Phoenix losing to Average. It was a bittersweet result for Jon Stokoe who, with 97, had his best score of the season, yet saw his team lose a match they would be fully expecting to win.

In B League, the top of the table clash between Firemen and Watkinson’s resulted in a win for Watkinson’s by just two points.

Firemen set the pace with 95 from Brian Gibbons equalled late in the match by veteran shooter Maurice Troughton, enough to seal a victory for Watkinson’s in a match they always looked likely to lose.

Patch did not have to shoot anything like their best to overcome a depleted Farmers team.

Farmers have struggled from round one to compete with other teams in the league which has brought only one victory in the 11 matches so far.

A really off day for Patch who would have lost heavily had the opposition been close rivals Firemen or Watkinsons.

In the race for the B League championship, things could not be more finely balanced with Firemen, Patch and Watkinson’s all having 14 points.

With a better aggregate score over 11 rounds, Firemen head the table from Watkinson’s but with a consistent run of results or that little bit of luck, any of the three teams could have a run of good results and draw away from the rest.

Results, A League

Esk Valley 390 J Hay 99 N Scarth 98 M Robinson 97 C Williamson 96 beat Whitehall 382 S Baker 99 T Coates 99 D Lawrence 94 M Ware 90, Castle Park 378 A Eddon 96 M Dossor 96 C Dossor 94 C Moore 92 drew with Country Lads D Atkinson 99 M Atkinson 94 R Lamerton 93 S Atkinson 92, Average 382 beat Phoenix 379 J Stokoe 97 S Darrington 96 J Halley 94 M Marsay 92.

B League

Watkinson’s 371 M Troughton 95 J Headley 94 I Addams 92 J Kenworthy 90 beat Firemen 369 B Gibbons 95 P Cattermole 94 M Geer 92 I Clarkson 88,

Patch 360 I Harrison 91 C Rutland 90 P Rutland 90 J Wood 89 beat Farmers 345 Y Williamson 87 R Franks 86 M Noble 86 J Elliott 86.