Whitby youngsters try their hand at golf

Peri Wilson from Whitby Community College aims for the hole
Peri Wilson from Whitby Community College aims for the hole

EACH of the three secondary schools in Whitby fielded a team of four golfers at a district tournament at Snainton Golf Centre.

Golf instructor Matt Connor welcomed the students who were put in pairs to play against other schools and colleges from the local area.

On a course made up of par three holes it was important for the students to keep their lines tight.

Sports co-ordinator Pete Woolley was helped by Eskdale teaching assistant Andrew Wood. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the glorious weather.

The teams were, Caedmon: Lewis Bradley, Josh Reegan, Alfie Swales, Corey Hart; Whitby Community College: Peri Wilson, George Hutton, Maddie Coulson, Lee Clarkson; Eskdale: Chris Hurworth, Pat Hutton, Will Richardson and Ben White.

Mr Woolley said: “It was absolutely great to get students competing at a golf competition.

“Matt Connor ensured they all had a positive experience and it was great to work with students, who not only showed good golfing ability but also an understanding of etiquette on a golf course.”