Whitby winners of four-man Stableford

The busiest week of the year at Whitby Golf Club, Scarborough Golf Week, started with the club’s Open Four Man Team Stableford on Saturday.

Twenty-four teams took part, with the best three cards of the four players giving the team total. Although the day started wet, there was little wind and the rain stopped by lunchtime.

The scores showed the improvement in the weather, with all the winning scores coming in the afternoon. The winners were local players Bill Estill (36), Howard Dean (30), Kevin Barker (39) and James Morrison (40) with 115 points.

Malton’s Alan Miles (38), John Carr (38), Barry West (30) and Mike Hoal (37) had 113 to come second, and Whitby’s Bob Scott (37), Dave Upton (33), Mark Kerr (34) and Martin Shackleton (41) were third with 112. Martin’s 41 gave him the best individual score, beating Chris Pennock over the back nine holes.

Earlier in the week, John Hartley won the Midweek Medal with 66, beating Kevin Barker over the back nine.

Mike Storr, Garry Walker and Alan Atkinson had 67, with Simon Gibson, Ian Cowie, Paul Mendelsohn and Paul Warrilow on 68.

All the proceeds from Sunday’s Medal went toward the RNLI, and the winner Mike Coates had the honour of coming first.

His score of 67 was one of only eight cards under par. Martin Shackleton continued his good form to score 68, with Hugh Sherrard-Smith, Steve Thornton, Steve Dosdale and Andy Lawler on 69.

The ladies’ section played the September Medal on Tuesday, with Wendy Hurworth finishing in first place with 70. Kath Cooling and Doreen Richardson had 72, with Kate Bradley and Barbara Mahan on 73. In the Accumulator, Diana Upton and Jean Owens each had 8 points.

After a hectic week with the Scarborough Golf Week competitions, the club holds its Open Mixed Greensome tomorrow, with the tee closed from 9.30am to 2pm.

In a change to the fixture diary, the 36-hole Stein Trophy and Junior Stein takes place on Sunday – please put your name on the entry sheet in time for the first round draw which will be made at 4pm on Saturday. The ladies play for the Seaton Gray Medal on Tuesday, there is a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday and the ladies Par competition is on Thursday. Barbara Baines won £100 in this week’s draw in the 200 Club.

Tony’s Tip: one of the commonest faults in golf is swinging across the line from out to in during the downswing, setting up a slice or pull.

This is usually caused by throwing the right shoulder forward at the start of the downswing, and one good thought to combat this is to visualise the gap between the hands and the right shoulder at the top of the backswing, then try to swing the hands away from the shoulder, increasing the gap and leaving the shoulder behind.