Whitby volleyball squad recruits Kenya coach

Chris Grant, Kenyan volleyball star who will be coaching Whitby's north Riding Eagles
Chris Grant, Kenyan volleyball star who will be coaching Whitby's north Riding Eagles

“One of the best technical coaches around” is spending this weekend helping to nurture the talents of Whitby’s North Riding Eagles volleyball squad.

When international volleyball teams want to improve their ranking they often turn to specialists - and one of the best technical volleyball coaches around is Christopher Grant.

When The Kenyan Volleyball Federation were looking to improve their international ranking by having a good performance in the African volleyball championships they made the decision to recruit Mr Grant.

Now the Whitby-based Eagles are making the most of the talents of Kenya’s outstanding performer in this year’s African Volleyball Championships which saw them second only to Egypt and secure improved international ranking.

So why is such a high profile volleyball coach flying into Yorkshire this weekend to work with local players?

Eagles coach Anthony Laffan said: “Our own North Riding Eagles have been attracting attention as they are currently one game away from a play off place in the third division of the national volleyball league and one win away from clinching the Yorkshire women s premiership.

“When a group of local school and college girls keep beating the adult teams on the circuit, people begin to take note.

“Chris is a man who looks to support people who are prepared to work hard , listen and seek to better themselves.

“He believes the North Riding players show the core values that can make great things happen.

“If he is right then a promising link up and friendship that will benefit many in the area will take shape.

“He will take a good look at local players as he assesses their potential first on the beach tomorrow from 1pm to 3pm and then on Sunday, 9am to 11am at Whitby Leisure Centre.

“People are invited to watch Chris in action coaching on either day and cheer the local players on in the hope they impress,” Mr Laffan added.