Whitby skier’s call-up for England

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Whitby freestyle skier Thea Fenwick may have just returned from a successful season of demanding training in Italy and the British Freestyle Championships in France – but she’s not resting on her laurels.

Thea, who lives on Ruswarp Lane, has gone straight back into UK-based training and competing – and her efforts have paid off already with another top podium position and a sought after call-up to the England Freestyle Squad.

Last weekend was a hectic one for Thea as on Saturday she travelled to the K-Jam competition in Kendal, Cumbria. This would be a tough day for Thea as it was her first competition on a dry slope and her first time competing in the under 16 age group.

Not one to crumble in the old face of a challenge, 12-year-Thea attacked the rails, boxes and jumps with her usual enthusiasm.

When the results were announced, Thea’s her determination was rewarded.

Her mum Sarah said: “Not only did she secure the gold medal in her age group but she was also the highest scoring female overall, an amazing achievement for a 12-year-old.”

Thea, who attends Fyling Hall School, started skiing at the age of two on a family holiday to France. At the age of seven she joined a ski club and started slalom racing.

Two years ago, Thea made the switch to freestyle skiing, which has turned out to be a great decision as she has achieved a podium position in every freestyle competition that she has entered.

On Sunday, Thea faced an even more daunting challenge – try-outs for the England Squad.

Thea travelled to her homeslope, Chillfactore in Manchester, for a full day of assessments with England and GB coaches.

Thea undertook a series of demanding tests and time trials designed to assess the candidates speed, tricks (known as ‘air’) and turning ability through a series of bumps or ‘moguls’.

Thea took it all in her stride and pulled out her best performance when it counted.

A few days letter her talent was recognised with an email offering her a place on the England Moguls Squad.

Thea said: “I’m so excited and proud to be selected for the England Squad.

“I’ve been working towards this for a long time.

“I can’t wait to represent my country”

There’s no rest for her - the next steps for Thea will be athletic capacity evaluations in Loughborough next month as well as glacier training in Italy and competing in the English and British Indoor Championships over summer.

There is no funding for athletes joining the England Freestyle Squad so a fund has been established to accept contributions to the cost of Thea’s training and competitions which run to over £8,000 per year.

Anyone who is interested in supporting Thea should visit www.makeachamp.com/theafenwick

More information about Thea can be found on her website www.theafenwick.com