Whitby Seals trio earn top spots

Seals swimmers with their medals
Seals swimmers with their medals
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Whitby seals swimmers travelled to Middlesbrough for the annual AA graded gala in February 2011 and swam against the north eastern clubs.

They swam incredibly well considering they had been without training over the December and January period due to the snow and pool maintenance.

But, as always, the swimmers seem to be able to pull the rabbit out of the hat and walked away with a large array of medals and placings in the top eight.

Rohan Ebbs, Morgann Russell and Tilly Swales gained the top spots in their age groups, showing the larger clubs how it is done.


Fly = Butterfly

F/s = Freestyle

B/k = Backstroke

B/r = Breaststroke

IM = Individual Medley

Boys: Rohan Ebbs 1st Fly, 1st IM & 3rd B/k; Ryan Smith 4th F/s, 5th B/r, 5th Fly & 5th IM; Josef Russell 4th B/k, 6th B/r & 8th IM; Dan Marr 3rd F/s, 2nd B/k, 2nd B/r, 2nd IM; Alfie Swales 2nd IM, 2nd Fly, 3rd B/r, 3rd B/k & 3rd F/s.

Girls: Mia Hall 5th 200m F/s; Laura Annis 5th F/s, 5th Fly & 8th B/r; Chloe Creek 2nd F/s, 2nd Fly & 7th B/k; Sara Hall 2nd F/s, 3rd 200m F/s; Millie Draper 5th Fly, 8th F/s & 8th IM; Morgann Russell 1st IM, 1st Fly, 1st B/r, 2nd B/k & 4th F/s; Millie Storr 2nd B/r, 4th B/k,6th Fly, 7th F/s; Tilly Swales 1st B/r, 4th Fly, 4th IM, 5th 200m F/s, 6th F/s; Kaitlin Swales 3rd F/s; Danielle Walker 4th B/r, 5th Fly.