Whitby Seals clock up 47 personal bests

Whitby Seals with their medals at the Scarborough gala
Whitby Seals with their medals at the Scarborough gala

WHITBY Seals competed in the spring B&C graded gala at Scarborough .

The age range was nine to 14 years and swimming distances were 50m and 100m.

Intermediate Seals had some excellent swims - Alfie Swales, Joe Lees and Tilly Swales all reached the skins final with Alfie winning overall.

The swimmers achieved 47 personal bests and nine speeding tickets.

Swimmers who won first, second and third are as follows:

Maia Hall-Fly 2nd, Jasmine Kent-BK-1st, Anna Lees-FS-3rd IM-1st, Daisy Storr- BRS-1st BK-1st FS-1st, Danielle Walker- FLY-3rd, Emily Botham- FS-2nd, Tilly Swales- IM-1st, Kaitlin Swales BK-2nd, Millie Storr- FLY-1st BK-1st FS-2nd IM-1st, Chloe Scarth- FLY-1st BK-2nd BR-1st, Charity Swales- FLY-1st BK-1st FS-1st, Ben Botham- FLY-1st BR-1st BK- 1st FS-2nd, Joe Lees- FLY-1st BR-2nd, Alfie Swales- FLY-2nd BK-3rd FS-2nd IM-1st, Mcauley Russell- FS-1st IM-1st.

Another great day of swimming, well done everyone.

Key: FLY=butterfly, BK=backstroke, BR=breaststroke, FS=freestyle, IM=individual medley.