Whitby Rifle Club, bowls section

Whitby Rifle Club Short Mat Bowls Section, held both their Ladies and Gents Singles Championships at the Rifle Club on Sunday 23 January.

All the games were played over nine ends with four woods each. With the ladies playing on one mat whilst the men played on the other.

The ladies played for the Christine Curran Memorial Trophy. In the preliminary round, Olive Tordoff beat Eileen Clark, then in the next round she beat Jean Parkinson after going into the last end all square. Lola Campbell beat Irene Pearson by just one shot. Lucy White beat Rose Isherwood and Pat Harrison beat Hilda Brown.

In the semi finals, Olive continued to play consistently well, beating Lola, whilst Lucy beat Pat. The final between Olive and Lucy was very exciting and could not have been closer, as it went into an extra end. Olive was laid one shot down, and with her last wood, she struck the jack, but it glanced to Lucy`s wood. So the winner for the fourth time in a row was Lucy White.

The men were playing for the Winifred Hodgson Trophy.

In the first round, John Pybus beat Don Isherwood, Roly Clark beat Ian Harrison, Bill Nicol beat Mick Wade, and Eddie White beat Geoff Jameson.

In the semi finals, Roly went straight into the lead against John, and remained there until the last end, when he was holding four shots, but John had a superb shot with his last wood, taking three woods out, but lost out on the measure for the four he needed. Eddie also had a hard game against Bill, as he beat him on the last end. The final between Roly and Eddie was excellent, but whatever Eddie did, he could not beat the consistency of Roly.

So it was Roly Clark who took a thoroughly deserved win. His first in this competition.