Whitby pupils compete in cross county races

cross country
cross country
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MORE than 200 local youngsters took part in the annual Primary School Sports Association cross country.

The event was hosted by Caedmon School and well attended by 12 Whitby area primary schools.

cross country

cross country

The results were: year 3/4 boys’ race, 1 Billy Fewster, Fylingdales, 2 Ryan Hewison, Danby, 3 Rueben Mason, Stakesby.

Danby took the overall team trophy.

Year 3/4 girls’ race, 1 Heidi Price, Ruswarp, 2 Abbie White, Stakesby, 3 Alexia Hall, Stakesby.

Stakesby took the overall team trophy.

Year 5/6 boys’ race, 1 Harvey Clacherty, Danby, 2 Dylan Swales, East Whitby, 3 Rory Hansell, Ruswarp.

East Whitby took the overall team trophy.

Year 5/6 girls’ race, 1 Tilly Adamski, Lealholm, 2 Jasmine Kent , Airy Hill, 3 Lacey Hewison, Danby.

Ruswarp took the overall team trophy.

Caroline Watson, event organisor, thanks all who helped to make the event a huge success and especially well done to all of the children who took part.