Whitby pigeon racers top combine - out of 1,600 birds!

WHITBY pigeon racers topped the bill for the Yorkshire Middle Route Combine - an area from Goole up to Loftus and as far out as York.

S Mallinson and son won the race which involved 1,676 birds and also doubled up as the last old bird race of the season the Whitby Premier Invitation Club.

Nine members of the Whitby club sent 81 birds to compete in this race, which was from Arras in France.

Results: 1-2-4-5-11 S Mallinson and son (1477.064, 1426.757, 1421.760, 1416.798, 1384.920); 3-6-7-9-10-12 A Richardson (1423.430, 1410.586, 1397.628, 1394.197, 1393.513, 1381.257); 8 RW Winspear (1397.512).

A Richardson wins A B C D pools (1410.586); S Mallinson and son wins Star pool (1362.019).

Bonus ball winner no 30 R Mallinson