Whitby ladies progress in plate match

Whitby progressed through to the next round of the plate against Darlington.

They had originally been due to play Norton in ttheir first league game of the season, but their opponents conceded as they were unable to field a team or umpire.

Whitby celebrate a goal against Darlington'picture: Brian Murfield

Whitby celebrate a goal against Darlington'picture: Brian Murfield

In the plate clash, Darlington had a strong squad and Whitby knew they would have to work hard to

get the scoreline going against a solid defence.

The opening 15 minutes did find Whitby with most of the possession, but they realised quite quickly that they were going to have to pass the ball around the players more and have more movement onto the ball.

Darlington forwards made some fast breaks, which kept the midfield of Beth Sanderson and Sarah Thompson very busy. A small lapse found Darlington getting the first goal despite Zara Noble and Michelle Myers defending solidly.

Whitby responded fairly quickly with some punishing runs from mother and daughter duo of Nicola and Natasha Kent, who were very impressive on the right attack.

Whitby were rewarded with their first goal from Emily Webster.

Emily and Lisette Vincent-Jones had a lot of work to do down the left wing and were unable to make a break past the defending line. Luckily, a foot in the circle meant that a short corner was awarded.

A strike from Beth Sanderson at the top of the circle found a player’s stick to tap it into the goal.

Darlington made a few break aways down their left wing, with some impressive passing skills and stick work.

Jess Hogarth and Siobhan Robinson held their own, as did goalkeeper Kirsty Dixon with some difficult one-on-ones. Just before the half-time whistle blew, Emily managed an impressive reverse stick into the back of the net.

After a great pep talk from coach Karen Sanderson, Whitby were raring to go.

The second half consisted of mainly Whitby possession with Millie Storr showing some exquisite passing skills finding gaps in between the defenders to find Lisette Vincent-Jones for one last goal as Whitby progress to the next level of the plate.