Whitby denied Darlo’ win while Danby bounce back with victory

Lisette Vincent-Jones scored Whitby's first goal in their 4-4 draw against Darlington
Lisette Vincent-Jones scored Whitby's first goal in their 4-4 draw against Darlington

Whitby Ladies played Darlington last weekend at home and were unfortunate not to come away with the victory, settling for a 4-4 draw.

The home side managed to get an early break within the first few minutes of game when Emily Webster and Dani Halley worked the ball down the pitch to find Lisette Vincent-Jones in position to score Whitby’s first goal.

Natasha Kent was then teed up by Millie Store to make it 2-0.

Darlington were managing to gain a lot of short corners, however Whitby’s goalkeeper Dannielle Walker was focused and reading every shot well.

Michelle Myers was putting in some very strong tackles, clearing to Zara Noble.

The defence played outstanding, but Darlington managed to score two goals of what seemed to be endless amounts of short corners and the half-time score was 2-2.

The game became very intense after half-time, Darlington managed to score another goal off another short corner.

Emma Sharp, a newcomer to the team, marked players well and put pressure on Darlington’s wingers.

Not giving up, Storr managed to equalise by putting in a great strike from an awkward angle on the right post.

With the score now 3-3 and both teams battling hard, Darlington hit their fourth.

Leaving only 10 minutes to go, Siobhan Robinson was taking hit outs fast and accurate finding Jess Hogarth.

The ball was being worked well down the left half by Emma Raw, who was managing to switch the ball accurately.

Jo Braithwaite, who came out of retirement for the game, helped Whitby keep possession of the ball, finding gaps to feed into.

Webster found herself at the top of Whitby’s attacking zone and managed to pick up a shot on goal, equalising the game.

With the scores now at 4-4 and with only four minutes to play, both teams were fighting hard to win the ball.

With a disallowed goal and a very unfortunate miss from Vincent-Jones, the final whistle blew leaving the score 4-4.

In the first of two matches over a busy weekend, Danby Ladies played at Bishop Auckland.

In the home fixture at the start of the season Danby had come away with a 4-1 win.

However, this was a much closer game.

Danby had much of the possession, however they were unable to find the breakthrough and Bishop came away with a 2-0 win, scoring a goal in each half.

Josie Bowes picked up player of the match, for some excellent holding play in the centre of midfield.

Danby had to pick themselves up from the defeat on Saturday as they took onMarton Furness the next day.

Danby made a couple of changes, with the addition of Nikki Graham to the defence, who was solid at the back and was voted joint player of the match with Issy Hogarth.

Hogarth played superbly down the right hand side, frequently passing the Furness defence and linking up well with Chloe Sisson.

Danby’s first goal came when Josie drove the ball in towards Chloe Wilson, who tapped the ball on to Leonie Crowther to finish into the bottom left corner.

Danby’s second goal came shortly with a brilliant strike from Clem Jackson from the top of the semi-circle, which was too strong for the keeper.

The away side were dominating play and were pushing for a third goal.

Danby’s goalkeeper Catherine Adamson had little to do, but was unfortunate when Furness managed to get a goal back on the break.

In the final 10 minutes Furness were pushing on, but some excellent defensive work in the centre of the pitch from Claire Stringer and Emma Foster meant the ball rarely got into Danby’s attacking third of the pitch.

Captain Katie Hodgson almost added a third goal in the last minute, but was denied by a good save from Furness’ goalkeeper and the game finished 2-1.