Whitby crews share Coronation Cup trophies

Rowers battle it out in the Coronation Cup'picture: Leah Hunter
Rowers battle it out in the Coronation Cup'picture: Leah Hunter
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AT long last, sea conditions allowed for racing on the planned rowing date for the Coronation Cup races.

Whitby’s Friendship and Fishermen’s as well as Scarborough Rowing Club are no keeping their fingers crossed the remainder of the season goes to plan with Whitby Regatta now just a week away.

Rowing crews at Tate Hill sands'picture: Leah Hunter

Rowing crews at Tate Hill sands'picture: Leah Hunter

In the men’s over 30s race, eight boats lined up at Newholm Beck. A very competitive race saw Mike Brown’s crew for Friendship pull clear of the pack, while the other boats fought for the remaining positions.

Once in the harbour, five boats were in a battle up the harbour with three boats side by side at Collier Hope, giving supporters plenty to shout about.

Dave Clarkson’s crew came second with Stewart Myers’ coming third, both for Friendship.

In the men’s under 21s, Jamie Brown’s crew for Fishermen’s took the lead from the start and took first place, with Jack Stewart’s crew for Friendship second, Jem Dring third for Fishermen’s.

Five boats competed in the ladies’ junior. Morgann Russell’s crew for Friendship took the lead and won by three clear lengths. Kiera Stevens’ crew for Fishermen’s were second and Kirsty Kemsley, also for Fishermen’s, third. In the men’s under 23s, Luke Clarkson’s crew for Friendship took a very early lead and went on to win by a very clear margin, leaving the crews of Karl Hewison and Danny Buck to take second and third for Fishermen’s.

Five boats took to the water in the ladies’ senior. Yasmin Spencer’s crew took the lead over Jenny Hewison’s crew and managed to hold them off, despite Jenny’s crew keeping up the pressure to the end. Fishermen’s took first and second with Kath Brown’s crew taking third for Friendship.

Six boats entered the men’s senior which provided a second win for Luke Clarkson’s crew, who took the lead from the start to finish first, followed by a Fishermen’s crew of Matt Kendrew, who had a good strong row to take second, followed by Mike Brown for Friendship.

A new race has been added to the Coronation Cup races from this year - the girls’ under 14s. A new trophy has been donated by Ann Lund and named the Lou Lowther Cup in Lou’s memory. Her family have a long history of rowing, with family members representing both Whitby clubs.

This new race gave Fishermen’s first, second and third. All five boats gave a show at the start but Gemini, stroked by Kiera Stevens, started to pull away, followed by Resolution, stroked by Chelsie Kilpatrick and third Relentless, stroked by Abigail Roe-Humble.

The men’s Coronation Cup was won by Friendship and the ladies Ladley Cup won by Fishermen’s.

Results, men’s over 30s, 1 Friendship, Pegasus, M Brown, A Smurthwaite, J Storr, P Betts, O Grant; 2 Friendship, Eagle, D Clarkson, P Noble, R Harrison, S Wilson, A Clarkson; 3 Friendship, Cholmley, S Myers, K Locker, A Locker, M Wilson, M Russell.

Men’s under 21s, 1 Fishermen’s Jamie Brown, Dev Howard, Matt Kendrew, Callum Pearson, Karl Hewison; 2 Friendship Pegasus, Jack Stewart, Ben Betts, Ryan Moth, Ellis Upton, Luke Clarkson; 3 Fishermen’s, Resolution, Jem Dring, Curtis Robson, Tyler Mayo, Danny Buck, Ste Humble; ladies junior: Firendship, Pegasus, Morgann Russell, Lauren Storr, Christie Davidson, Amy Clarkson, Luke Clarkson; 2 Fishermen’s, Relentless, Kiera Stevens, Chloe Scarth, Charlotte Hall, Beth Entwistle, Dev Howard, 3 Fishermen’s, Prospect, Kirsty Kemsley, Bethan Pearson, Jess Scarth, Leah Hunter, Karl Hewison; Men’s under 23, Friendship, Pegasus, Luke Clarkson, Ryan Lowther, James Kendrew, Ryan Sleightholme, B Betts; 2 Fisherlads, Karl Hewison, Dev Howard, Matt Kendrew, Jamie Brown, Ste Waring; 3 Fishermen’s, Danny Buck, James Waterfield, Michael Waterfield, Curtis Robson, Ste Humble; ladies’ senior, 1 Fishermen’s, Resolution, Yasmin Spencer, Jordan Spencer, Michelle Myers, Molly Randell, Alan Brown, 2 Fishermen’s, Remembrance, Jenny Hewison, Sandra Clarke, Jess Purvis, Kerry Brown, Karl Hewison, 3 Friendship, Pegasus, Kath Locker, Mandy Davidson, Rebecca Smith, Gill Locker, Morgann Russell; men’s senior, 1 Friendship, Pegasus, Luke Clarkson, Ryan Lowther, Jmes Kendrew, Ryan Sleightholme, Ben Betts; 2 Fishermen’s, Resolution, 1 Matt Kendrew, Steve Belchamber, Mike Waterfield, Neil Parker, Jase Jeffrey, 3 Friendship, Cholmley, Mike Brown, Simon Grant, Jason Storr, Pete Betts, Owen Grant; girls’ under 14s, 1 Fishermen’s, Gemini, Kiera Stevens, Chloe Scarth, Charlotte Hall, Beth Entwistle, Dev Howard, 2 Fishermen’s, Resolution, Chelsie Kilpatrick, Jessica Hodgson, Grace Young, Sarna O’Brien, 3 Fishermen’s, Relentless, Abigail Roe-Humble, Ruth Garbutt, Indie Golding, Naomi Garbutt.