Whitby Crayola girls add colour to tournament

Whitby Hockey Club's Crayola girls
Whitby Hockey Club's Crayola girls

Whitby travelled to Bridlington for the annual 7 a side hockey tournament on grass.

The girls had decided to go as the Crayola Crew - crayola crayons. The outfits were bright and imaginative.

The first day schedule saw Whitby play some great hockey, playing five games of 20 minutes with teams from Bridlington, Doncaster, Scotland, Sheffield and Danby - they won three and drew two.

This was a round robin competition with the winner being the team with the most points.

The day was filled with excellent hockey and fun with a very friendly atmosphere.

The Sunday saw Whitby in a very relaxed situation and with one player out of action with a broken finger.

Unfortunately, Whitby could not find their stride and lost two games and no score draw for two games.

Overall, Whitby gained a respectable fourth place out of 10 - a great festival and Whitby enjoyed the variation of playing different teams and look forward to returning next year.