Whitby course to host alliance this weekend

Poor weather wiped out all competitions at Whitby Golf Club this week and very little golf was played.

I’m hoping for better this week, but the forecast is not too good. Whitby is due to host the Scarborough District (Tigers) Alliance on Sunday, so the course will be closed until 1pm.

If adverse weather means that the event has to be postponed, it will automatically move back one week.

The team to represent Whitby is: 8:00 Dean Bennett and Tam McConville; 8:08 Mike Clarkson and Adrian Brown; 8:16 Mike Coates and Peter Easton; 8:24 Simon Walker and Andy Lawler; 10:08 Paul Ventress and Steve Ellis; 11:52 James Jewell and Bob Scott; 12:00 Robin Sisson and Steve Thornton; 12:08 Martin Shackleton and Dave Upton. Whitby currently sit in 7th place in the Pennant table, one stroke behind Bridlington and three behind Malton, so a strong result over their home course could provide a positive move.

Weather permitting there will be a Stableford on Saturday and a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday.

Tony’s Tip:

Now that you have the mechanics in place to set up a straight shot with your grip and stance, all that is left is the swing itself.

If the clubface is returning open at impact then it is certain that the hands and arms are allowing the clubface to rotate the wrong way, pointing the clubface to the right.

To get the correct feeling, make some short swings backwards and forwards, only swinging to waist high on either side of you. As you swing forwards use your hands and arms to turn the clubface towards the target. Keep exaggerating this until you are sure that the clubface must be closed (looking to the left) when it passes through where the ball will be.

Try hitting a few balls like this, and keep exaggerating until the balls are flying to the left. Then do the same in a full swing. Practise this rotation until it becomes a habit and goodbye slice.