Whitby boats among inter-club trophy winners

NINE boats ventured down to Scarborough from Whitby on the Friday to compete for the inter-club trophy, the Vernon Dawson Cup.

A fleet of 34 yachts filled Scarborough South Bay as they manoeuvred for the start at 10am on Saturday morning.

With this many boats, it was forced to be a keen start but only two boats, Maximus and Cold Steel, jumped the start.

Unfortunately, only Maximus exonerated herself so Cold Steel’s result would be inadmissible.

The fickle winds underneath the castle made sailing difficult, but all the boats got away and established themselves in an occasionally gusty south-westerly once they were into North Bay.

Most boats sported spinnakers, but the fine wind and its gusts caused quite a few broaches as the fleet rapidly headed for Whitby. Scarborough’s sports boats headed the fleet, along with a lone catamaran, but the remainder were not far behind and, with a reach all the way, it would be one of the slower boats that would win on handicap.

The visitor from Bridlington, Contessa Juliet, was doing particularly well keeping up with much bigger boats and holding a steady spinnaker.

The course came closer to the wind as the fleet passed Robin Hood’s Bay so spinnakers were handed and the bigger boats could use their waterline lengths to get the better of the smaller boats, but it wouldn’t be by far enough.

Nemo, a Scarborough sports boat, was first at the Bell Buoy, followed by Zephyr, the catamaran.

The remainder of the fleet rapidly rounded the buoy and hardened up to beat down to the pier ends - quite testing as the wind speed approached force five.

The lead boat finished just after noon, a very fast sail and the majority of the fleet were in by 12.30pm, with the race officer having to work very hard to clock all the boats in in such a short time.

Contessa Juliet proved to be an easy winner on handicap, but Nemo almost sailed quickly enough to save her time.

Two Whitby boats, Lady Hamilton and Bullitt 2, from the back and middle of the fleet made up the final trophy winners.

Result: 1 Contessa Juliet-Jeffrey Preece, RYYC, 2 Nemo, SYC, 3 Lady Hamilton-Malcolm and Joanna Stuart, WYC, 4 Bullitt 2, Matt Robinson, WYC.