Whitby attack well to win clash

Whitby ladies showed great confidence and attacking play to rack up a useful win over Gateshead.

The team started well with Beth Sanderson and Sarah Thompson dominating the centre field and setting up a lot of play for the forwards. Five minutes into the game, Nicola Kent picked up a through ball and beat the

keeper to make it 1-0.

Dani Halley’s speed and skill made her unstoppable and with her and Emily Webster linking well on the left, the second goal came from another 1 v 1 on the keeper – a superb undercut shot which left the goalie astonished. A surprise run from Gateshead found their CF putting the ball onto the feet of Zara Noble at CD, gaining them a short corner.

Although their shot was not strong it trickled into the corner past Michelle Myers for 2-1.

Whitby had to get their goal difference up so put a lot of effortinto their attacks. Nikki Gill worked hard at left mid and a clean ball into the circle found Emily Webster again in the right position for a deflection into the net.

Romy Thompson and Lucy Hogarth rolled on and off at right wing and made some skilful clean runs – a superb cross from Romy found Dani Halley posting up to the ball and sweeping it for Nikki Gill to get another fabulous deflection for 4-1.

A fantastic change of a short corner taken by Dani Halley went straight to Sarah Thompson who shot on to the far post where Dani Halley tipped it in.

Whitby knew they had to work on picking up any rebounds in the circle as they had most of the possession.

Gateshead made a quick break and their CF took on the Whitby defence to find their RW unmarked to slot another goal home.

Nikki Gill moved onto the forward line in the second half with Dani dropping back to LM – determined to get another goal Nikki passed to Sarah who returned the ball when she skilfully tipped the ball in for Whitby’s sixth goal.

With 10 minutes to go, player of the match Beth Sanderson, after working hard at CM, ran onto the ball that had been deflected from the keeper and took on two players with her v-drags, hitting a raised shot into the back of the net.