Whitby anglers compete for Bell Trophy

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On a blustery cold Sunday morning, 81 anglers from eight local teams, took part in the inter-club Bell Trophy match.

The boundaries were from Argyle Gully, north of Hayburn Wyke Hotel and Cobble Landing, Filey. The bell in question comes from the ship Sana 1897.

Only five teams weighed in.

Brian Harland and Ben Laws caught a codling and a dab respectively for Whitby, with a total weight of 2lb 6oz 2 drams for third place.

Results: 1 Scalby Mills - 2 fish for 7lb 3oz 12 drams, 2 Cloughton - 4 fish for 4lb 15oz 8 drams, 3 Whitby - 2 fish for 2lb 6oz 2 drams, 4 Filey A - with 1 fish for 1lb 7oz 14 drams, 5th Rock Anglers - 1 fish for 1lb 0oz 14 drams.

This is the first time the Scalby Mills team have won the trophy.

Some important dates were announced for this year: Fords Open 19 June, fishing 11am to 4pm; John Smiths Open 30 October; Whitby Open 13 November, Mick Hillaby memorial, 27 November.