Whitby A joint second in Bell Trophy

THE Bell Trophy, the inter-club fishing competition organised by Scarborough Rock Anglers, was fished on Sunday 12 February.

Anglers met on Marine Drive, Scarborough. Each club submitted names and teams of competitors to the organisers.

Whitby Sea Anglers had 15 anglers split into two teams, A & B. After a brief talk by the organisers, detailing fishing times, rules and cautions on where not to park, competitors were set away.

Fishing was from 11am to 3pm with boundaries from Argyle Gully, (just north of Hayburn Wyke) to coble landing at Filey.

Weather wise, it was a clear dry day with a freshening northerly wind and a little north easterly swell. Water was crystal clear with low water at 1pm on a 1.0m ebb.

A total of 81 anglers competed and only seven weighed in 15 fish for 5 lb 14 oz 06 drams.

There were no codlings weighed just 2 billets (coal fish) and 13 dabs.

Results: 1 Filey ‘B’ with a total weight of 3 lb 00 oz 12 drams, Av/man 0 lb 05 oz 06 drams; 2=Filey ‘A’ and Whitby ‘A’ with a total weight of 1 lb 04 0z, Av/man 0 lb 02 oz 04 drams; 4 Cloughton with a total weight of 0 lb 05 oz 04 drams, Av/man 0 lb 00 oz 08 drams.

M Garbutt, with his 1 billet of 1 lb 04 oz, won both the Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association, heaviest bag and heaviest fish sweeps.

Pete Watson had the heaviest bag with 1 lb 04 oz 04 drams.