Whitby A find winning formula

IN good conditions on home territory, but with fading light Whitby A tennis team achieved a 6-2 win against Rudston.

Andrew Hardy and Graham Holyfield started very well in the first men’s doubles.

The second match was much harder, as their winning formula was tested to take them into a tie-break, they eventually won both sets 6-0, 8-7.

In the ladies’ doubles Sue Jackson and Magda Phillips played on form and won the first set in a tie-break.

The second was disappointing when their opponents started to lob a lot more balls into the air, forcing Whitby ladies to play from the base-line and losing that set. Result 7-5, 3-6.

Andrew Hardy and Magda Philips played on form in both mixed encounters and won both matches 8-6, 8-6.

Graham Holyfield and Sue Jackson played well together in both the mixed. One match was slightly harder than the other, ending up with one set to each team. 8-6, 6-8.

Whitby A 6 Rudston 2

IN the last match of the year Whitby A travelled to play against Scalby A.

The match was even as the night wore on and all the players were grateful to finish on the flood-lit courts.

Andrew Hardy and Graham Holyfield won the men’s doubles relatively easily in two sets.

Sue Jackson played steadily but Magda Phillips could not quite find her form in the ladies’ doubles and lost in two sets.

In the mixed, Andrew and Magda both played consistently and won both matches.

Graham and Sue teamed up in the other mixed, but Graham was suffering from an elbow injury and found it difficult to serve, which affected other parts of his play. They lost both sets.

In a round-up of this year, captain Sue Jackson commented that it has been a frustrating season, with Whitby A struggling to find players and having to concede three matches throughout the season.

Whitby A 4 Scalby A 4