Westerlies greet pursuit series racers

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Nine boats headed out in a gusty Westerly wind for race five of the Pursuit series on Saturday.

Double D was first away with a 10 minute head start on the next boat – Bugs Bunny,

followed by Trampas, who were making their first start.

It was a short downwind leg followed by a swift reach out to the Bell Buoy where the fleet would encounter a strong tide.

Double D were caught out as they tried a close rounding and touched the mark, the resulting penalty turns throwing away much of their lead, and so it was Bugs Bunny at the front as the leaders started the first beat.

By now the faster boats were starting the chase, Samaki, Monsoon, Teemane and Qantro all away in quick succession. Monsoon lost two early places as she took a wide line.

Cold Steel was away three minutes later and quickly into her stride, while Icon had time to finish the crossword as a further 11 minutes passed before they finally got to start. Bugs Bunny was clear in front as she rounded the Sandsend mark.

A charging Cold Steel was second round after gobbling up five boats in quick succession on the beat. Samaki was one of those but had made some passes of her own to be 3rd, ahead of Double D.

Trampas found conditions a bit lively approaching the mark allowing Qantro through into 5th which became 4th as she caught Double D early on the return run.

Starting lap 2, Bugs still led but Cold Steel was gaining. Samaki and Qantro were disputing 3rd, while the rest of the fleet were all converging together.

Teemane got up to 5th but Icon was looming, pulling off a brave move inside Monsoon at the bell bouy as she gained places.

The closing stages saw a mistake by Cold Steel as she touched a mark but she still had the pace to catch Bugs Bunny and take the win.

Samaki managed to re-pass Qantro for 3rd, and Icon caught Teemane for 5th. The others finishing close enough together to require GPS co-ordinates to sort them out.

Result: 1st Cold Steel, Dey, Jarvis & Gowland, 2nd Bugs Bunny, A Martland, 3rd Samaki, N Robinson

Two summer series races took place in blustery conditions on Sunday.

Four boats made the early start, Icon leading away from Cold Steel, Teemane and Qantro. Rapid progress was made by all around a simple triangular course.

Qantro overtook Teemane on the first leg but there was little other opportunity for changes in the order, everyone negotiated the gusts successfully despite requiring a few intimidating jibes at the marks.

Class A Result: 1st Icon, N Williamson, 2nd Cold Steel, Dey, Jarvis & Gowland, 3rd Qantro, N Drake.

After a slightly extended lunch break the fleet headed back out, now joined by three class B boats – Bugs Bunny, Samaki and Serenade of Parkstone.

The strong gusts remained and the course would provide a stiff challenge.

Icon again made the best start while Qantro and Serenade of Parkstone struggled to get going.

A hard windward leg to Sandsend soon sorted the fleet out.

Icon and Cold Steel pulling well clear and Bugs Bunny was going very well to hold 3rd. Samaki was next, then Qantro and Teemane who swapped places several times as the approached the mark.

It was a rapid return run then a zig-zag back to the line, the order remaining unchanged. The fleet was now well spread out, the race officer thought the slower boats might have had enough, but the smallest of all, Bugs Bunny, was bounding enthusiastically after the leaders and so it was a second lap for everyone.

Icon took her second win of the day, edging clear of her sister Cold Steel. Bugs Bunny was next home – taking an easy class win, ahead of Samaki.

Fifth home overall was good enough for third in class for Qantro ahead of Teemane, while Serenade of Parkstone took the final podium spot in class B.

Result: class A: 1st Icon, N Williamson, 2nd Cold Steel, Dey, Jarvis and Gowland, 3rd Qantro, N Drake, class B 1st Bugs Bunny, A Martland, 2nd Samaki, N Robinson, 3rd Serenade of Parkstone, L Franks