Weigh to go for top angler Cass

ONCE again the weather was against Whitby Sea Anglers on Wednesday, with a flat calm sea and strong south westerly winds.

Low water was at 2244 hrs with an ebb of 0.8m, the second largest tide of the month.

Once again, anglers had to travel to be competitive and if you study the leader board, 10 lb of whiting can make a big difference to an angler’s standing, especially as there are only 10 matches left of the season.

Eight anglers weighed in 85 fish for 68 lb 05 oz, with seven of them fishing the same location.

A Cass was man of the match with 18 whiting for 14 lb 06 oz.

Results: 1 A Cass with 18 fish for 14 lb 6/16oz, 2 N Inglis with 16 fish for 12 lb 8/16oz, 3 B Laws with 12 fish for 10 lb 5/16oz, 4 D Perrett with 13 fish for 10 lb 3/16oz, 5 P Horbury with 11 fish for 8 lb 15/16oz , 6 M Garbutt with 8 fish for 7 lb 5/16oz, 7 M Lamb with 5 fish for 4 lb 1/16oz, 8 R Allison with 2 fish for 10/16oz.