Webster and Vincent-Jones hit trebles in 8-3 success

Emily Webster hit a hat-trick for Whitby in their win against Sunderland Broom
Emily Webster hit a hat-trick for Whitby in their win against Sunderland Broom

Whitby Ladies hit Sunderland Broom for eight in their Durham Clubs League Division One clash on Saturday as Emily Webster and Lisette Vincent-Jones hit hat-tricks.

The Whitby Ladies started the game in strong fashion, with excellent passing and communication.
Dani Halley soon found an opportunity for an early ball to Whitby’s attacking zone and Emily Webster scored an early opening goal for the hosts.
The game was fast passed with lots of change in ball direction, while Sunderland were making some good tackles and applying pressure.
Sunderland managed to find a couple of opportunities to send strong early balls down to Whitby’s defence, however Siobhan Robinson was confidently waiting to defend the goal and seek out central-midfielder Halley.
Halley worked the ball well down the centre of the pitch, finding Whitby’s forward players and Lisette Vincent-Jones managed to tap in the second goal in for Whitby.
Sunderland were still fighting hard and managed to score three goals to take a 3-2 lead.
Michelle Myers was relentlessly pressuring Sunderland’s players and putting in some strong tackles.
Not giving up, Millie Storr soon equalised the game as she was waiting in great position on the right post to grab Whitby’s third goal and the half-time score was 3-3.
The second half saw Whitby putting their recently developed skills of moving onto the ball to good use.
Danielle Walker was not only moving onto the ball well, she was also managing to push up and put immense pressure on Sunderland’s midfield when they had possession.
Defender Jess Hogarth was making some superb roll-outs and assisted with a goal, by making a great hit to forward player Vincent-Jones, who struck a further two goals to wrap up her hat-trick and make it 5-3.
The hosts defended several short corners thanks to goalkeeper Ruth Ashley.
Natasha Kent found herself making some fast runs down the right wing and was able to find Jaz Parkes, who scored yet another goal for Whitby to put them firmly in control.
Both teams were now fighting for every ball and working hard to switch the play.
Zara Noble, assisted superbly by Webster, scored yet another goal for Whitby.
With only minutes to go, and both teams beginning to tire, Webster scored the eighth goal of the game.
The girls played outstanding and came out with an 8-3 win.