We all had a swell time

WEDNESDAY night’s three-hour match took everyone by surprise, where did the swell come from?

Early afternoon there was hardly any swell to speak of, yet by the start of the match there was north easterly swell and it was growing.

The strong westerly wind was not knocking it back as one would have expected.

With plenty of colour in the water, prospects for a fish or two looked good despite the very slack tide.

Fishing the last two-and-a-half hours of a flood tide and a half-hour of ebb, 10 anglers were at the scales with 30 fish for 41lb 8oz.

The weigh-in consisted of whiting, but predominantly codling with both Rob Allison and Ian Simpson, each catching a codling of 5lb 11oz.

Man of the match: Rob Allison with four fish for 9lb 5oz.

In the singles knockouts, N Inglis beat D Hambley, J Gilpin beat M Lamb, S Moore beat P Horbury while D Perrett and M Pitman will fish in one week’s time.

Results: 1 R Allison with 4 fish for 9lb 5/16oz, 2 M Garbutt 5 fish for 8lb 11/16oz, 3 I Simpson 1 fish for 5lb 11/16oz, 4 B Laws 7 fish for 5lb 7/16oz, 5 N Inglis 8 fish for 5lb 5/16oz, 6 S Moore 1 fish for 2lb 3/16oz, 7 M Bowman 1 fish for 1lb 9/16oz, 8 D Hambley 1 fish for 1lb 5/16oz, 9 J Gilpin 1 fish for 1lb 2/16oz, 10 J Moore 1 fish for 14/16oz.