Waring geared up for Mount assault after Spanish testing

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In his first outing since a massive crash last year, Whitby’s road racing star Justin Waring has started this season in Spain and in style.

Waring has returned from four days at the Cartagena Circuit in Murcia, southern Spain where he put his rebuilt Moto3 Honda through its paces.

After the crash at Oliver’s Mount, which landed him in hospital for three days and damaged the data logging system on his bike, Waring admits he wondered how it would perform

But he needn’t have been too concerned as he completed laps of the 2.1 mile circuit in 1.46 mins - a second and a half quicker than he did when he tested there the previous year.

And, despite a few slides when pushing the tyres he pretty much managed to stay on two wheels.

Over the four days he went out on track for four sessions each lasting half and hour to find out what adjustments needed to be made - and to regain confidence after the September smash.

He told the Gazette: “I tested at the same place last year on the same bike and was a second and a half quicker.

“The conditions were absolutely perfect - no wind and good sunshine.

“In the crash, the data logging and recording sensors got damaged.

“After the crash I just wanted to know that it would run the pace of a half an hour session to be confident that it would run the pace of a race.”

Despite some minor tweaks he hasn’t needed to do too much differently and is all set for his assault on the 2014 road racing season which kicks off at Oliver’s Mount with the Ian Watson Spring Cup road races over the weekend of April 12 and 13.

He added: “You do four sessions in a day and come back in and make adjustments and try different tyre compounds and change the suspension.

“It makes a huge difference.”

And the builder wasn’t the only rider out there getting in some pre-season preparation.

The Cartagena circuit is a favourite for British Superbike, British Supersport and even Spanish championship riders due to its make-up.

He was out there with the likes of William Dunlop of the Dunlop racing legacy started by his dad and uncle, Robert and Joey respectively - who both died following road race crashes.

He is teaming up for TAS racing alongside Guy Martin and Josh Brookes, who was also in Spain getting ready for the British Superbike season.

Dean Harrison who took the Cock O’The North crown in Scarborough last year was also in Spain as was a face that might be more familiar on the stage.

Keith Flint, frontman of rock band, The Prodigy has started his own racing outfit - Team Traction Control and was in the next garage to Waring.

He said: “We had four days with him and just chatted. He was really normal and absolutely spot on.

“He was really polite and is still doing tonnes of gigs.”

Waring said: “It is a real technical circuit and has everything in it.

“That is why they go there for testing. You get done what you need to do for four days and get a good picture together.

“There are massive straights, as much twists as you want, off camber corners.

“If you can do a road and set it up you would be alright but here you are set up for both.

“Over a short circuit you can really push your bike to its absolute limit until you crash it.”

This would suit Waring fine as he is looking to enter some British Superbike rounds as a wildcard entry this year, after deciding to go it alone away from a team.

But his main racing exploits will be road races at Oliver’s Mount with the Spring Cup, the Cock O’ The North in July, Cookstown in Ireland, the Southern 100 at the Isle of Man and the Ulster Grand Prix before finishing at the Steve Henshaw Gold Cup in September.

He added: “I am looking forward to Scarborough. I absolutely can’t wait and wish it was tomorrow.

“It is my absolute favourite circuit of them all.

“I think I have got enough knowledge of it now to be up there and will be quite confident of coming in the top five this year.”

Thanks to bodywork sponsor James Eddon and Rod Champion from Abbey Gas Plumbing and Heating.

Justin is looking for a garage big enough to store his bike and gear and allow him to work on it.

If anyone can help contact him on 07899898546.