Vincent-Jones fires in five as Whitby win against Darlington

Lisette Vincent-Jones celebrates one of her five goals
Lisette Vincent-Jones celebrates one of her five goals

Whitby Ladies faced Darlington at home and with some players missing, the team had a change around of positions and went out fighting from the moment the whistle blew.

Darlington are a strong side and their strength and determination showed from the start of the game.

Whitby took some time to find their new positions and Darlington scored the opening goal early in the first half.

Whitby did not let this dampen their spirits, Michelle Myers and Siobhan Robinson worked hard to throw any balls out of Whitby’s defence, supporting goalkeeper Danielle Walker, who stepped out of her comfort zone to help the squad out in unfamiliar territory.

Lisette Vincent-Jones managed to equalise with support from captain Dani Halley.

Whitby continued to play to their strengths and made the ball do the work, however Darlington found a gap and soon scored yet another goal to take a 2-1 lead.

The Ladies soon found their feet and player of the match Zara Noble made some fantastic tackles and managed to continue sending the ball to Whitby’s attackers.

Vincent-Jones found herself at the top of the attacking circle and levelled the game once more at 2-2.

With moments left of the first half, Natasha Kent made a run down the right wing and found Vincent-Jones in position to score a third goal, leaving the half-time score 3-2.

With Whitby one goal ahead, a positive team talk at half-time lifted morale and they started the second half in confident fashion.

Emma Raw returned from injury and battled hard for every ball on the right wing, she was skilfully moving on and off the ball and throwing Darlington off their game.

Whitby were awarded several short-corners which were taken accurately and with speed, Halley made a clean shot on goal and put Whitby another goal up.

The hosts could not stop working as Darlington were beginning to press harder.

Emma Sharpe worked hard to mark players out of the game and find Danielle Braithwaite on the left wing, who was able to find Vincent-Jones in perfect position to finish off the scoring with another two goals, taking her tally to five for the day.

Whitby were delighted with their victory and battled hard right to the end.

Danby Ladies travelled to Games Club at the weekend and drew 2-2.

Laura Anderson-Cornforth had a brilliant start to the game and within a couple of minutes had placed the ball in the back of the net.

Danby were passing the ball really well in the first half of the match using the triangular formations they had practised at training.

Not being afraid to pass the ball back in order to attack from a better place.

Soon after the first goal Kath Hogarth took a powerful strike from top D which found its way into the bottom corner.

The score now stood at 2-0 and Danby were pleased.

Games Club were not letting this affect their game and when the opportunity came they took it and with a strong break they manage to get a goal.

At half-time the score was 2-1 to Danby.

During the second half Danby managed to keep the majority of the possession of the ball.

However, having no subs was meaning it was hard to keep up with the fast pace of the game.

Games Club caught Danby with another break and again managed to use this successfully to equalise.

APlayer of the match was Kath Hogarth, who impressed in midfield.