‘Unstoppable’ Matthew extends lead

Matthew Garbutt, runaway leader in the Whitby Sea Anglers' Association's current season
Matthew Garbutt, runaway leader in the Whitby Sea Anglers' Association's current season

WHITBY Sea Anglers Association fished the four-hour match on Sunday in extreme conditions with 5m swells due by the Monday morning.

In general the temperature had risen above zero and the snow had started to melt but the severe easterly wind made wind chill a hazard.

With a very strong and growing easterly sea running, finding somewhere to fish out of the wind was not going to be easy and made casting into a head / side wind difficult.

With such heavy seas, weed washing around in the surf is always going to be a potential hazard and at Runswick this was the case which meant constantly moving to avoid it.

Anglers faced horizontal snow and harsh hail storms, which were uncomfortable but thankfully of short duration.

Thankfully, the predicted heavy snow fall did not materialise. Bite detection in such severe wind conditions was difficult but that did not stop man of the match Matthew Garbutt from returning to the scales with the heaviest bag and the heaviest fish, for the January sweep competitions.

Matthew had five fresh run codling for 26lb 2oz, the heaviest fish weighing 7lb 13½oz.

Matthew reported he had lost another three good fish and all the fish he had caught had only been lip hooked.

Matthew has now extended his lead over second place Neil Inglis to 102lb and in current form, seems unstoppable.

Thirteen club members fished and seven weighed in 13 assorted fish for 47lb 13oz, the fish being predominantly fresh run codling of a good stamp.

After the weigh, many members made for home as the weather continued to strengthen.

This concludes the three Sunday match results. WSAA members can submit to the clubman series run by Sea Angler Magazine for January.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 5 codling for 26lb 2oz, 2 N Inglis 1 codling for 5lb 8oz, 3 J Gilpin 1 codling for 4lb 5oz, 4 R Allison 1 codling for

4lb 3oz, 5 D Perrett 1 codling & 1 flounder for 3lb 15oz, 6 S Moore 1 codling for 1lb 8oz, 7 M Beedle 1 codling for 1lb 8oz, 8 I Simpson 1 whiting for 12oz.

* Members of Whitby Sea Anglers had many decisions to make before last Wednesday’s three-hour club match, stay close to town and fish the soft ground of the beaches or travel and fish the hard ground for chance of a better fish or two.

Taking into account the current spell of cold weather I am sure many members had their minds made for them.

The tide did not ebb as fast, there was a slight sea swell from the north east and a slight south east wind. It was a relatively dark night with some cloud cover.

Water was well coloured and bites were slow and timid, fish were playing with the bait but once hooked, they were of a good stamp.

Temperatures during the day had not risen above -3 deg C and the breeze had a definite wind chill factor about it, as temperatures dropped further to - 6C by the time members travelled to the weigh-in. Bait was freezing as soon as presented on the hook.

Members left their chosen marks in plenty of time and found the roads in good order thanks to North Yorkshire County Council Highways department.

Dave Hambley was man of the match with one codling for 5lb, the heaviest codling of the night. Peter Horbury also managed to find the only other codling weighed in, 4lb 1oz.

Sixteen members fished and only seven returned to the scales with 14 assorted fish - codling, billet, whiting, flat fish and rocklings - for 17lb 4oz.

The weigh-in was, as usual, in the car park adjoining the Fleece, it was short and to the point, as members were keen to get into the warm.

The Inter Angling Club Tournament for the Bell Trophy takes place on Sunday (27 Jan).

Meet at 8.30am at the Oasis Café, North Marine Drive, Scarborough, fishing 10am – 2pm, weigh-in 2pm – 3pm at Scarborough Rock Anglers Social Club.

New entry fee is £3 per team, comprising £2 team; 50p aggregate weight and 50p heaviest single fish sweeps.

Results: 1 D Hambley with 1 codling for 5lb, 2 P Horbury 1 codling for 4lb 1oz, 3= W Atkinson 4 whiting for 3lb 3oz, 3= M Garbutt 4 whiting, 1 flat fish for 3lb 3oz, 5 M Beedle 1 billet for 1lb 3oz, 6= J Gilpin 1 flat fish for 5 oz, 6= M Lamb 1 rockling for 5oz.