Unlucky Whitby A whitewashed by opponents

EVEN with their top male player, Steve Mills, Whitby A tennis team were unable and a little unlucky to end up with a 0-8 result against Scarborough A.

The opposing men played tactically, by targeting Andrew Hardy as he was the only male player who is not involved in playing in the Yorkshire League. The result was 4-6, 4-6.

The ladies had a closer encounter but Sue Jackson and Magda Phillips could not quite capitalise on the crucial points, even though they took them to a tie-break. The result was 4-6, 5-7.

Steve and Sue had a disappointing first mixed match, but when they played the second mixed it was a different story.

They led 5-2 and were both playing very well together, but their opponents slowly started to gain important points, eventually the Scarborough team took the match 8-5.

Andrew and Magda did their best, but Andrew was finding it difficult to achieve his form, partly because he was playing with a new racket. Result 5-8, 4-8.

Whitby A 0 Scarborough A 8

In a re-arranged match, Whitby A travelled to Malton expecting to play on the grass courts, but we ended up on the clay courts, which were an advantage to their opponents.

Andrew Hardy and Graham Holyfield put up a good fight in the men’s doubles and had some long rallies, but lost both sets.

Sue Jackson and Magda Phillips took their opponents to a tie-break, all players on form and participating in good solid shots and creating some great angles. With only a few points to separate them, the Malton ladies just clinched the match.

Andrew Hardy and Magda Phillips were both recovering from injuries, they did their best against strong opponents but lost both mixed matches.

Graham Holyfield and Sue Jackson struggled against the first opponents in the mixed doubles, but enjoyed a very close encounter in their second mixed. Throughout the match they were very aware to take their positions at the net, because of the awkward bounce on the clay courts.

It was point for point and ended up with a tie-break, but Malton took the match.

Whitby A 0 Malton 8.