Under-strength Maroons grind out powerful win

Whitby U16s v Acklam
Whitby U16s v Acklam
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A BROKEN wrist and cracked ribs put Whitby Rugby Club under 16s in a difficult starting position with only 14 players when they faced Acklam, writes Spike McCormack.

But a promising run from Astin saw the Maroons carry the ball over the opposition tryline within a minute of play for a 5-0 lead.

Whitby under 16s v Acklam

Whitby under 16s v Acklam

Brown’s furious tackling helped Waddington to score within minutes. However, Acklam responded with two well-worked tries of their own for 12-10

Convincing runs from Harrison and Russell allowed for some ground to be gained. Rucks and scrums were dominated by superb play.

Passionate shouts supported the Maroons to within 10m of the opposing tryline. Acklam’s fumbling allowed for Russell and Grimont to kick the ball under the posts, giving Grimont the try.

Poor rucking results in an opposition try, as the half-time whistle blew, with Acklam 19-17 ahead.

T Wood, Armstrong and Sykes grind onwards. Fitness proved to be the downfall for Acklam as Whitby’s relentless play saw Wilson run hard to gain even more ground.

Turnover ball gave Grimont the chance to score once more, bringing the score to 19–22.

Stern words were traded from coach Bentley after the Maroons conceded again, forcing Whitby to run back with vigour.

Another brilliantly placed kick from Grimont allowed him to score for the third time.

From kick-off, the ball was secured by Jackson, allowing the ball to be shot to Waddington to score again.

A startled Whitby team responded to yet another Acklam try by grinding the ball up the pitch among the forwards, before popping the ball to Harrison for his first try.

Undeterred by the injury to full back Armstrong, a sudden break saw Waddington score for his hat trick. To add salt to Acklam’s wounds Grimont scored two tries in quick succession to extend the score to 56-29.

Not leaving without a fight, Acklam hammered home two more tries, bringing the final score to 56-39.

This was a powerful win found through superior fitness and determination but poor defence leaves room for improvement.

Man of the match: Joe Russell, for consistent good play and great organisation.

Acklam U16s 39 Whitby U16s 56