Under 14s win Mother’s Day tournament

Whitby Hockey Club U14s
Whitby Hockey Club U14s

Whitby Hockey Club’s under 14s travelled to Thirsk for a small tournament on Mother’s Day.

They have not had any competitive games this season and were looking forward to the fixtures.

Whitby 3 Harrogate 0

The U14s played Harrogate first and turned on the pressure straight away, showing off their superb passing and moving skills.

Jaz Parkes (captain) at CF and Jasmine Kent at right inner got chance to show off their exceptional stick skills, weaving in and out of the Harrogate defence.

Mae Knight having her debut at RW made some confident runs and was rewarded with a well-placed push after 10 minutes opening the score-line. Harrogate tried to make some runs but Daisy Storr was so solid at right mid that they struggled to get it into the circle.

Emma Sharpe at RD quickly cleaned up any lose balls and her strong hit outs and sweeps helped with Whitby’s counter-attack.

Danielle Walker worked tirelessly at CM tracking back, being the play maker and was running rings around the Harrogate midfield. Emma Raw on LW; the fastest player on the pitch embarked on some punishing runs working so well with Eleanor Collier who was always ready to jump on the ball and take a shot on goal.

Izzy Hogarth also made her debut at LM, putting in a solid performance and tracking any loose players. Whitby had several opportunities to score but were struggling to get past the keeper.

A goalmouth scramble resulted in an own goal from Harrogate making it 2-0 to Whitby. Whitby continued to dominate with Ruth Ashley and Jessica Fields having a quiet game. With 10 minutes to go, the youngest players Heidi Price and Rosie Hogarth had an opportunity to play and showed off their new found skills.

Danielle Walker closed the game with an outstanding move from the outside of the D where she eliminated two

players and coolly reverse flicked into the net for 3-0.

Whitby 1 Thirsk 1

Thirsk started fast and furious with some competent forwards putting on the pressure.

Emma Sharpe and Jessica Fields found themselves immediately in the game and Ruth Ashley made some exceptional saves within the first 10 minutes.

Realising they had to step up, Whitby then started to play an exciting passing game which made coaches Karen and Bethany Sanderson proud.

Daisy Storr played her best game yet, linking with Mae Knight, Jaz Kent and Jaz Parkes resulting in a formidable attack down the right of the pitch.

Thirsk favoured their central and right attack giving Danielle Walker a tough time in CM but she powered through, winning the ball time after time and working with Emma Raw and Eleanor Collier.

The left attack saw Emma Raw running her socks off and rolling out to release some great crosses into the D. Thirsk took the lead but, known for their fighting spirit, Whitby continued to dominate with the best passing of the tournament.

A six-man move left Thirsk standing from Jess to Izzy to Danielle to Emma to Jaz Parkes – unfortunately Eleanor Collier could not latch onto the cross as the defenders pressure was too much.

With five minutes to go Jaz Parkes stepped up and took on three players with change of pace and direction to finish with a fabulous shot into the corner, making the score 1-1.

Whitby won the tournament and were absolutely delighted.

Coach Karen Sanderson said: “Spectators and coaches congratulated Whitby on their performance and said they were ‘as good as any U14 girls in the Yorkshire League’ which was a huge compliment.

“For the future Whitby would like to find a team manager for the U14 girls so that they can continue to play at this level. Well done girls.”