Two tons defy less than inspiring start

IN a less than inspiring start to the 2011/2012 Winter League, many shooters struggled to produce good scores in the opening round.

Top shot was Steve Baker with a 99 for champions Whitehall and he was the only one to buck the trend of rustiness, testament perhaps to the shooting he has done throughout the year.

Round two, however, was a different story. Jackie Hay with 100 for Esk Valley ensured a victory over Castle Park, who are struggling to find any reasonable form.

Tim Coates shot the second 100 of the week which saw Whitehall easily pass the Average score.

Maxine Atkinson almost made it three possibles but had to settle for a very good 99 for Country Lads against Wrong Trousers who also appear to be struggling in the opening weeks of the season.

In Division B, the shock of the opening round was Universal’s victory over B League’s champions Patch by four points in relatively low-scoring match, a win which saw them achieve something they failed to do during the whole of the previous season.

Only Watkinson’s returned anything like a good score with 376 to record an easy win against Average. Highest score of the week was Jeff Ken worthy’s 96 for Watkinson’s.

There was little improvement in week two - the best was Matt Marsay’s 97 for Watkinson’s. Next best was Brian Gibbons with a 94 for Firemen which was not enough to prevent Watkinson’s winning by 11 points, to be the only unbeaten team at this early stage of the season.

Results week ending 4 October

Division A

Country Lads 384 M Atkinson 96 S Atkinson 96 D Atkinson 96 R Lamerton 96 beat Castle Park 364 A Eddon 95 M Dossor 94 C Dossor 92 R Oliver 83; Whitehall 384 SP Baker 99 T Coates 96 D Lawrence 95 M Ware 94 beat Esk Valley 378 N Scarth 96 J Hay 95 D Noble 94 RL Dawson 93; Average 377.5 Beat Wrong Trousers 357 B Stokoe 95 P Hurworh 91 P Lindley 90 J Stokoe 81

Division B

Farmers 360 CS Thompson 93 RM Franks 90 Y Williamson 89 M Noble 88 beat Firemen 351 P Cattermole 94 B Gibbons 91 I Clarkson 86 H Russell 80; Universal 363 GW Flower 93 D Holloway 92 M Troughton 90 B Martin beat Patch 359 J Wood 92 C Rutland 90 I Harrison 89 P Rutland 88;

Watkinson’s 376 beat Average 358 J Kenworthy 96 M Marsay 94 J Headley 94 D Pratt 92;

Week ending 11 October

Division A

Esk Valley 384 J Hay 100 C Williamson 97 N Scarth 95 RL Dawson 92 beat Castle Park 367 M Dossor 94 A Eddon 93 C Dossor 92 R Oliver 88;

Country Lads M Atkinson 99 D Atkinson 97 S Atkinson 95 R Lamerton 94 385 beat Wrong Trousers 374 P Hurworth 95 B Stokoe 94 P Lindley 93 J Stokoe 92; Whitehall 391 T Coates 100 D Lawrence 98 SP Baker 97 M Ware 96 beat Average 377.5

Division B

Patch 362 J Wood 92 I Harrison 91 C Orr 90 P Rutland 89 beat Farmers 337 Y Williamson 87 CS Thompson 86 M Noble 82 RM Franks 82;

Watkinson’s 371 M Marsay 97 D Pratt 92 J Kenworthy 91 N Sawdon 91 beat Firemen 360 B Gibbons 94 P Cattermole 91 I Clarkson 90 H Russell 85;

Average 357 beat Universal 347 M Troughton 90 D Holloway 88 B Martin 88 GW Flower 81.