Try cross country golf in Whitby

ANY Whitby Golf Club members fancy something a bit different?

The club is holding a cross-country game on Thursday (14 July), starting at 6.30pm.

For those of you who have never played a cross-country before, a course will be designed which is very different from the normal pattern of play, for example playing from the 1st tee to the 5th green or over the old railway embankment from the 7th tee to the 9th green.

Just to add to the fun it will be played using a maximum of three clubs, so some fancy shots will have to be made up. When it’s all over, there will be a barbecue back at the clubhouse. This is open to ladies, men and junior members, so if you would like a bit of fun after work, sign up for this novel event.

Playing normally, Chris Shardlow began a spell of good form, winning the Midweek Stableford last Wednesday with 46 points, with Dave Collett in second on 45. Mark Greasby had 42, David Brown and John Carter 41 and Andy Pearson 40.

The following day the seniors played for their Captain’s Trophy and Vic Wilson, the leader in both the eclectic and best six cards, won the competition with a score of 4 up against par. Keith Wick was second with 3 up, Brian Gent third on 1 up, with Peter Burton and John Wightman on all square.

On Saturday, Division One of the July Medal was won with an excellent gross 69, nett 65 by Ian Wiggins. Even that gross score was beaten, as two handicap Neil Coates shot 68 nett 66 to finish second, beating Alex Wiggins.

Simon Walker and Kevan Little over the back nine holes.

Colin Jefferson and Peter R Brown had 67.

In Division Two, Tom Havelock scored 65 to finish first, with Roger Davison on 68, Matthew Harrison and Malcolm Eglon on 69 and Morris Crosland on 70. This was also the qualifying round for the Jim Cooke Scratch Cup and the top 16 gross scores progress through to the knockout stages.

The qualifiers were: N Coates, A Wiggins, I Wiggins, S Walker, H Drake, R Sisson, D Upton, J Jewell, M Shackleton, S Purvis, P Ventress, R Brown, S Dosdale, K Little, A Pearson and C Jefferson. This list contains seven previous winners of the competition, going right back to Steve Dosdale, who won the inaugural competition in 1986.

On Sunday Chris Shardlow took the honours again, winning the Boynton Trophy with nett 63, adding this to the Grouse Foursomes which he won with Andrew Wood earlier in the season. This week has seen Chris’s handicap reduce from 26 to 20! Paul Ventress must have felt unlucky not to have won with his 65, and Austin James, Harvey Richardson and Brian Jamieson had 66. Alex Wiggins, Andy Smith and Dave Collett had 67.

Also on Sunday Mike Coates won the James Cup, a strokeplay trophy for the juniors. His nett score of 68 reduced his handicap from 15 to 14. The other competitors, Lewis Wright and Luke Asbury, did not have the best of days and had ‘no returns’.

This weekend is Captains Weekend, the main competitive and social focus of the club’s year.

On Friday (8 July), the ladies section fight it out for the Lady Captain’s Prize; on Saturday (9 July) the competition is mixed fourballs and on Sunday (10 July) the men and the juniors play for the Captain’s Prize.

There will be a prize-giving at the end of play on Sunday, closely followed by a barbecue just outside. O

n Wednesday (13 July) the Rabbits section hosts the Tigers Invitatio, and pairings have been drawn and are displayed on the board. Starting times are available between 4pm and 6pm and pairs are asked to put their names down against a suitable time. There will be no other competition that day.

Colin Buxton won this week’s draw for £100 in the 200 Club.

Tony’s Tip: how tightly do you hold the club, and getting more specific, with which fingers? Overall the grip pressure should be no more than you would use in a firm handshake. Too much pressure and your wrists and forearms lock tight and you have no chance to release the clubhead through the ball - poor distance, slices and topping are common results. Too loose and the fingers and hands are forced apart, losing control of the clubhead - overswinging, hitting shots fat and tremendous inaccuracy can follow.

In most people the thumb and index finger of both hands will be the strongest, so you need to feel that the other fingers are doing more work so that they stay wrapped around the club throughout the swing. Consciously relax the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, and try to keep them that way all the time.