Trophies won at rifle club ceremony

AT the Whitby and District Rifle Club presentation evening, trophies and awards for the 2009/2010 winter season and the 2010 summer season were presented.

Lorna Pearson, committee member, made the presentations at a busy and lively social evening which included an excellent buffet and general knowledge quiz.

The key team trophies and awards were as follows: Winter League A (for the Hall Challenge cup) 1 Whitehall, 2 Esk Valley;

Winter League B (for the Norman Greenwood Rose Bowl) 1 Firemen, 2 Watkinsons; Winter League handicap A (Cleveland Potash lamp) 1 Wrong Trousers, 2 Whitehall; Winter League handicap B (Vaux tankard) 1 Firemen, 2 Farmers; Team Knockout (Grange trophy) 1 Patch, 2 Farmers; Summer Handicap League 1 team two, 2 team one/

Individual awards and trophies were as follows: Pairs Knockout (Ralph Welford Shield) 1 B Gibbons/N Scarth, 2 C Rutland/MTroughton; individual knockout (chairman’s trophy) 1 J Hay, 2 C Rutland; Ramsay Duncan handicap 1 D Atkinson, 2 P Cattermole; spring handicap (Dr Cone cup) 1 P Cattermole, 2 C Moore; November handicap (Vinter trophy) 1 S Baker, 2 R Day;

Treasurers Cup 1 S Baker, 2 R Heron; May Brain trophy 1 S Baker, 2 M Ware; Choose start (veterans) C Dosser; choose own start (men) M Holmes; most 100s (Pulman shield) S Baker; most improved junior (<21 years) S Atkinson.

Team members were, Esk Valley: R Dawson, J Hay, R Heron, N Scarth, C Williamson; Farmers: R Franks, D Hill, C Thompson, D Trotter, Y Williamson; Firemen: P Cattermole, I Clarkson, B Gibbons, M Holmes, H Russell; Watkinson: R Day, J Hugill, J Kenworthy, D Pratt, N Sawdon; Whitehall: S Baker, T Coates, D Laurence, A Rowell, M Ware; Wrong Trousers: J Anderson, P Hurworth, P Linley, B Stokoe, J Stokoe.