Thompson ends season top of leaderboard

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WEDNESDAY night’s three-hour match was the last of the season with anglers keen to finish on a flurry.

The long distance northerly swell, that had been evident during the day, was knocked back by the southerly wind.

Anglers fished down to low water and a half-hour of flood. Only five anglers weighed in with a total weight of 2 lb 13 oz, with a mixture of pouting and rocklings.

Results: 1st Dave Hambley with 1 pouting for 14 oz, 2nd Matthew Garbutt with 1 pouting for 11 oz, 3rd James Verrill with 1 pouting for 08 oz, 4th Brian Harland with i rockling for 07 oz, 5th Ben Laws with 1 rockling for 05 oz.

These weights did not affect the leaderboard from last week, so Denis Thompson was overall winner.

Heaviest fish caught out of a match is 8lb 0oz held by Brian Harland on 15 February; heaviest fish caught in a match is 9lb 10 1/2oz held by Brian Harland 9 January; heaviest bag of fish in a match is 27lb 9oz, Matthew Garbutt, 7 November; singles final Dave Hambley beat Andrew Cass; doubles final Brian Harland and Mike Beedle beat Andrew Cass and James Gilpin.