‘Superb’ Daisy earns a gold

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Wolds Gymnastics Club headed to Rotherham for another competition over 4 pieces – floor, vault, bars and beam.

Wolds entered 3 gymnasts into level B – Tia Raynor and Hollie Dawson in the U10 age group and Tilly Scott in the U8 age group. Hollie was nervous about competing but needn’t have worried as she did well on every piece.

Tia managed to bag herself a gold medal on the vault with a high score of 11.90 and Tilly finished 3rd place overall after performing well across all four pieces.

The level C gymnasts were required to perform double bar routines, acro moves on the beam (such as a walkover, cartwheel or forward roll) and advanced moves on the floor such as a round off back slips and walkovers.

In the level C under 10 age group: Charis Thompson, Gracie Ullyott, Maisey Huzzard and Sophie Dixon all competed. For Gracie, Maisey and Sophie this was their most advanced competition to date.

The girls all performed well over all four pieces with Charis excelling on the floor, gaining 2nd place and Sophie on the beam gaining 3rd place.

In the level C under 12 age group, Wolds entered: Alyssa Pickering, Holly Barnes, Holly Snaith, Abigail Hall, Faye Pallant and Maddie Warkup. Alyssa and Holly Barnes were also new to this level and both them, Faye, Maddie ad Abigail were consistent across all four pieces and managed to perform all of the difficult skills required from them without major errors.

Holly Snaith just missed out on medals on the bars, floor and overall finishing 5th on each of these pieces.

A tough level and age group for the gymnasts to be competing in. Mollie Tomblin arrived at the competition and after a mix up, had been entered at level C instead of B.

Mollie made quick changes to her floor and beam routines adding the harder skills.

She handled this tremendously well and was unfazed by the mix-ups.

The level C under 15 age group included Rachel Jones, Heather Jones and India Ellis from Wolds. All three girls did exceptionally well, India finished 4th on the bars, missing out on a medal by 0.05.

Rachel finished 5th on the floor and 6th on both the beam and bars. Heather triumphed in this competition and gained 2nd place on bars, 3rd on beam and 3rd place overall.

This was one of Heather’s most successful competitions to date. Rebecca Tulloch was the only competitor from Wolds at level D. This level required two across on the beam and tumbles and somersaults on the floor. Rebecca has trained hard, perfecting all four pieces and came home with a gold medal overall.

The final competitor of the day for Wolds was Daisy Morgan who competed in the level F level.

This was the most advanced level of the day. Daisy’s floor was packed with difficulty – front somersault into round off back flip back somersault; free cartwheel and round off back slip straight somersault with half twist.

Her handspring twist on vault went well; she made her bar routine look easy and executed her beam well which included two acros and a somersault dismount.

She gained gold medal overall for her superb display of gymnastics.

A long but successful day for the club, bringing home a variety of medals across all levels and age groups.

The competition squad are now perfecting their display routine and training for their in-house competitions before they break off for summer.

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