Sleights’ shield bid crumbles at the death

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SLEIGHTS Bowling Club lost their men only, Yorkshire Marshall Shield knockout match against Kirkbymoorside away.

But it was close, as Sleights had lead all the way through, until just two ends to go, when the home team pressure finally paid off.

On Saturday, the club entertained Mulgrave in a friendly match.

This was played in pleasant weather, with everyone obviously enjoying the occasion and concluded with a faith tea.

Sleights were the winners, but were very impressed by the play of the Mulgrave team.

On Sunday, Sleights lost another very close game, at home against Loftus.

Results, Sleights lost to Kirkbymoorside away, 78-92: E White, C Gray, N Campbell, R Summersgill lost 12-23; K Thompson, T Reid, D Isherwood, P Franks lost 17-22; I Harrison, S Harrison, S Hurworth, M Wade, lost 16-25; J Pybus, T Bogg, JR Moore, J Coxon won 33-22.

Sleights lost against Loftus at home 121-124: F Lawson, O Tordoff, I Pearson, C Shardlow lost 18-19; I Harrison, R Summersgill, JR Moore, J Blythman won 29-13, E White, L White, P Perry, M Swalwell lost 16-22, J Moore, C Gray, H Brown, P Harrison won 32-12, T Reid, D Marshall, C Hodgkinson, M Summersgill lost 10-27, M Wade, P Franks, S Leadbetter, L Campbell lost 16 31.