Sleights retain Hoggard Trophy

SLEIGHTS Bowling Club played two friendly matches during the week.

On Wednesday evening, the club played Castleton at home in the first leg of the Challenge Shield and Castleton were the winners by 22 shots.

This leaves Sleights with an uphill struggle in the return leg in a few weeks’ time.

The club also played the second leg of the match against Pickering, for the Hoggard Trophy and they did well to not only pull back the 13 shot deficit, but a further 27 shots as well, to retain this trophy.

Sleights lost to Castleton at home, 90-112: T Reid, S Leadbetter, H Brown, L Campbell, won 22-18; C Gray, L White, R Isherwood, Be Raw, lost 16-17; J Blythman, P Perry, C Hodgkinson, J Coxon, won 17-11; E White, R Clark, D Lewis, P Harrison, lost 12-22; F Lawson, B Raw, I Pearson, B Dixon, lost 12-24; M Wade, B Lawson, D Isherwood, E Clark, lost 11-20.

Sleights won against Pickering at home, 103-63: E Sanderson, D Marshall, O Tordoff, J Coxon, won 18-14; E White, M Wade, D .Isherwood, L Campbell, won 32-16; I Harrison, B Lawson, R Isherwood, E Clark, won 14 - 12; K Thompson, J .Dixon, C Cowen, P Harrison, lost 17-18; T Reid, R Clark, L White, I Roberts, won 22-13.