Sleights must overturn deficit in Hoggard Trophy

SLEIGHTS Bowling Club played three friendly matches during the week.

They lost to Pickering away by 13 shots in the first leg for the Hoggard Trophy - the second leg will be played next week.

This was followed by another loss at home against Great Ayton.

However they got their act together the following day with a convincing win against Guisborough Priory Park.

The Club Triples League, with 14 teams, which plays weekly throughout the season, has now been completed.

The runaway winners were Mick Wade, Roly Clark and Auriel Johnson with 22 points and a shot score of 211.

Second were Bill Nicol, Mary Swalwell and Geoff Jameson with 17 points and shot score of 189, and third were David Marshall, Walter Turner and Don Isherwood, also with 17 points and a shot score of 188 - just one shot in it after a season’s play.

Sleights lost against Pickering away, 68-81. I Harrison, J Coxon, D Marshall, M Summersgill, lost 11-16; T Reid, B Lawson, L White, I Roberts won 20-9; E White, W Nicol, D Isherwood, D Metcalfe, lost 4-21; E Sanderson, M Wade, C Cowen, R Isherwood won 19-17; K Thompson, R Summersgill, I Pearson, P Harrison, lost 14-18.

Sleights lost against Great Ayton at home, 92-22: I Harrison, R Clark, C Cowen, P Harrison, lost 18-19; T Bogg, R Summersgill, I Pearson, B McLean, lost 16-17; T Reid, P Franks, D Isherwood, M Swalwell, won 18-16; M Wade, D Marshall, R Isherwood, E Clark, lost 17 -19; F Lawson, J Coxon, D Metcalfe, F Bogg, lost 16-18; B Lawson, N Campbell, J Dixon, M Summersgill, lost 7-33.

Sleights won against Guisborough Priory Park, 151-79: B Raw, K Thompson, F Lawson, K Cryer, lost 14-26; E Sanderson, B Lawson, D Lewis, C Shardlow, won 28-9; M Wade, W Nicol, G Jameson, Be Raw, won 24-14; C Gray, P Franks, O Tordoff, P Harrison, won 22-9; I Harrison, J Dixon, J Coxon, E Clark, won 31-9 ; T Reid, R Clark, I Pearson, J Blythman, won 32-12.